VA: Alternative Networks Vol. 2
Pyramid Transmissions

London-based Pyramid Transmissions returns after a two-year hiatus with a vinyl four-tracker (250 copies) of electro-funk genius, with Alternative Networks Vol. 2 spotlighting the work of FTG, TwoFourteen, and label founders ADJ and Pathic.

Pathic gets things rolling with the fabulous “Chin Up,” a menacing throwdown of future-funk electro-acid fire powered by pulverizing electro beat patterning and rough-hewn synth flourishes and elevated by sweeping string pads that lend the track a dystopic and gothic air—one for the electro time capsule, to these ears. Fleshing out the A side, Miami denizen FTG gets all twitchy and hyperactive with the jittery robo-funk of “Input Dada,” where vocal micro-snippets cross swords with chattering snares and burbling electro patterns. With “Old Hat,”ADJ digs deeply into six brutal minutes of squelchy acid-funk that'll resurrect for some listeners the halcyon days of acid raves and psychic discombobulation, while Seattle-based producer TwoFourteen throws the hammer down in “Slatter Jatter” with a blistering machine groove, chopped vocal effects, and hot-wired synthetics. Each cut is formidable in its own right, and the EP does nothing but re-affirm the label's reputation for high-grade output.

June 2010