Masters of brevity Lullatone (Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida) weigh in with what will probably be the shortest Top 10 list to ever grace textura's pages. But we don't mind: we love Lullatone, and we love Lullatone's music even more, especially when the group's self-described "pajama pop" makes us feel ten years old again. Creating music suffused with such innocence and charm might sound like an easy thing to do but few do it well, and perhaps none do it as well as Lullatone. On the group's latest release The Bedtime Beat, the duo plays a drum solo in a bathtub and creates beats from, yep, snores (toy instruments and soft sine tones also figure into their music-making). In keeping with the pronounced musique concrete dimension of the album, Seymour and Tomida opted for a list that plays upon that theme.

1. Humming in the bathtub

2. Raindrops pitter pattering on the roof

3. Scissors slicing construction paper

4. Fingers tapping on the desk waiting for something important

5. Splashing water in the bathtub

6. Wind flapping laundry outside

7. Ear touching the pillow when we go to bed

8. French toast sizzling on the stove

9. Imaginary songs we made up stuck in our heads

10. Patting belly after a big meal

July 2008