VA: Buzzin' Fly Vol 4 Remixes 2
Buzzin' Fly

A sweet complement to Buzzin' Fly's fabulous Vol 4 mix compilation is this second remix set of two tracks featured in last year's full-length. Solomun takes BarBQ's “Barbi In Love” for a beautiful ten-minute ride in this veritable master class in the art of the slow build. Alongside a crisp and snappy pulse, an insistent synth motif swells slowly and the groove swings forcefully as the cut builds to its first peak; congas and laughing voices then augment the now-pumping groove as it gets deeper, denser, and funkier. The original's keyboard theme is repeatedly sprinkled during a late inning moment of calm before the final surge kicks in. On the B-side, things get housey indeed on MyMy's “Monterrey Wash Remix 1” makeover of Kimouts' “Down To Earth.” MyMy sculpts oceanic atmosphere in this silky banger by draping the driving pulse with lush chords and swooping peals, and drenching it in echo (a second MyMy overhaul is available as a digital download). The Kimouts original is included also, allowing for an interesting comparison between the two versions. When heard alongside the MyMy version, the original's groove stomps a little more aggressively and the overall sound design is denser with washes and synth melodies clustering into huge clouds. Twenty-five minutes of clubby magic.

March 2008