Deepgroove: Kaleidoscopes

On this four-track EP, Deepgroove mates Grayson Shipley and Lee Pattison roll out a jacking techno thumper titled “Kaleidoscopes” and then let Tim Sheridan and The Gentlemen's Club have their own crack at it. Acolytes of the four-deck format, the Bristol-based Shipley and Pattison dig into the original's tribal groove with élan and put it through multiple wind-ups and breakdowns without ever losing the tune's jump. After Deepgroove's electronic figures tie themselves into knots while a rolling sub-bass throbs with serious purpose, Tim Sheridan's “Kaleidosonic” mix alternates between a dub-like episode where the driving bass line takes center stage, a trippier moment where voices gather into a dizzying blur, and a sleek electro-tinged passage filled with synthetic sparkle and squiggle (for those who prefer their dance music stripped to the bone, Sheridan serves up an EP-closing dub mix too). The Gentlemen's Club (an offshoot of the production duo of Craig West and Mundro) delivers the release's most club-focused version in a rendering that keeps its gaze firmly fixed on the tune's hard-grooving, metronomic center.

January 2011