Delicate Noise: Filmezza Remixes
Lens Records

Filmezza Remixes appears only months after the release of Delicate Noise's Filmezza in late 2009. But no worries: the seven makeovers sound dramatically different from the originals on which they're based, so any thought that the companion set might be a superfluous retread can be retired. In some cases, in fact, the differences are so pronounced, one is hard pressed to recall the original when presented with the remix. That's most put to the test when three treatments of “Pheromones” appear one after the other. Toronto-based Knowing Looks fixes his gaze on its percussive side with a swinging funk pulse and syncopations that give the tune an earthy quality that offsets its spacier tendencies. As anyone familiar with the work of Electro-ohm label head Sunao Inami might expect, his version dismantles the original and passes its pieces through a digital synthesis blender until no seeming trace of the original remains. Iceland's Document One first coats it in a blanket of granular haze that's not so heavy that the children's voices in the original can't be heard, and then dresses it up in an Alias-styled instrumental outfit of hip-hop and boom-bap colour.

In addition, French producer Jauzas The Shining gives “Butterfly Envy” a polished and stripped-down electro makeover, while Heinrich Dressel (aka Composite Profuse) takes “Lush and Coated With Words and Birds” on an epic ride through the galaxy with analogue synthesizers and electro pulsations along for the trip. UK producer 10-20 draws from the fresh sounds emanating out of his homeland for a “Beware of Digital Children” remix that's as much indebted to Autechre-styled IDM as it is bass-heavy dubstep. Coming at the material from the opposite direction, Spain's Tension Co. turns “Astronaut In Training” into a laboratory experiment involving electroacoustic treatments, blustery atmospherics, and manipulations of natural materials (metal, wood, hair, wind). Is Filmezza Remixes an essential release? Hardly, but then few remix compilations are. Is it a good companion set to Filmezza? It's certainly good enough to satisfy that criterion.

April 2010