Dieb: Modules EP
False Industries

Though he's been making music for many years (doing mainly music for movies and polishing his production skills), Berlin-based Til Kerlin (aka Dieb) has kept a rather low profile until now (his sole vinyl release appeared in 2004 on the Italian label citymorb). But that will likely change with the release of his Modules EP, the inaugural release on False Industries, a new label based in Tel Aviv, Israel and run by Interval Recordings founder Yair Etziony.

The first of two originals, “Module 0” is a pure deep techno workout, heavy on ambient atmosphere and texture and generally soothing in its reliance on a restrained rhythmic push—think Thomas Koner-meets-Robert Hood, if you will. “Module 4” hits harder on account of a heavier and more insistent bottom end, and the clubbier feel is strengthened by a low-riding bass pulse that keeps the tune moving from start to finish; it also goes deeper in the textural department by draping waves of particles across the rhythm bed. Complementing Kerlin's cuts are remixes by Etziony and Maps and Diagrams. In his “Das man Selbst Remix” of “Module 0,” Etziony (executed while under the strong influence of Heidegger's Being and Time) opts for a slow-motion electronic dub treatment that's even heavier on textural atmosphere than Dieb's own version, while Tim Martin's Maps and Diagrams rendering transforms “Module 4” into an immense, vaporous cloud that would do Wolfgang Voigt proud.

December 2009