DJ Koze: Stompin' at the Clubfoot

DJ Koze (Stefan Kozalla) kicks up some typically idiosyncratic dust on this latest 3-track missive from the Cologne mothership. The mercurial “Snauzi Peitsch” indulges in radical shape-shifting throughout its eight-minute reign, careening from snuffling squelches, fragmented micro-edits, and a stealthy pulse to spindly pinpricks and a slippery house groove. A glistening guitar scratch motif then sweetly inaugurates the B side's “Djungle Froot,” clearing the way for a swinging trance-funk groove to take control. Koze deftly weaves elements of jazz-fusion, soul, and electro into a beatific collage before “Na Cha Cha” closes the disc in a swizzling electro-techno strut. Stompin' at the Clubfoot showcases many of Koze's talents, but perhaps his resourceful imagination above all else.

December 2006