DoF: Rid the Tree of its Rain
Abandon Buildings

Brian Hulick's seven-song DoF EP, Rid The Tree Of Its Rain, bodes well for the full-length Suddenly Shifting Against The Sky that's scheduled to soon follow. Having already issued eight albums (physical and digital) as well as compilation tracks and remixes during the past half-dozen years or so, the Pennsylvania-born producer has no seeming difficulty serving up seven new samplings of his warm and organic style. With programmed beats butting up against acoustic guitars and wiry keyboards, DoF's strongly melodic and sonically rich blend of acoustic and electronic sounds invites reference to the music of kindred spirit Minotaur Shock. “So Much of It Water” and “Pale From Flickering” are solid ambassadors for DoF's exuberant and upbeat take on the oft-maligned folktronica genre; certainly Hulick does his part in the release's twenty-six minutes to argue strongly on the genre's behalf. Junkyard percussion propels “A Thousand Sharpened Nails” through multiple jerky, stop-start episodes, while “Rolling at Our Feet” swings in an way that'll have you head-bobbing whether you wish to or not. Throughout the EP, intricate lattices of mandolins, banjos, and acoustic guitars lend the music a summery, outdoors feel, while Hulick's breathy vocals help naturalize the music further. The joy that pours forth from songs that are refreshingly free of dour character inspires hope that the imminent album will be as strong.

September 2009