Dogmixer: Bong 93
Replicant Society

Bong 93 presents four aggressive samplings of dance-oriented futurama from Dogmixer (London, UK-based electronica producer/musician Matt Watts). The title cut's all acidy mayhem and grinding breaks while Watts' dystopic blend of chugging electro-techno gets a panoramic workout on “Who Are You?” In a funky, breaks-centered remix, Lifecycle (Geoff Dent) turns “Bong 93” into a tripped-out blaze of drums and percussion. The EP's best cut might be “Mind in Motion (666 remix)” where Watts pairs a cryptic voiceover with an elastically tight locomotive steam that verges on trance it's so insistent. The Dogmixer style is purposefully punk-flavoured but isn't so tough that emotive melodies don't find their way into the mix now and then. Bong 93 is both Dogmixer's second EP and Replicant Society's second release and bodes well for both (future releases include a label comp and Dogmixer's Telecommunications full-length).

January 2007