Dorosoto: Hynotic Gyre
I, Absentee

Forrest: Indiana Burn

Warren Kroll shows two dramatically different sides of his musical personality in these Dorosoto and Forrest EPs for I, Absentee and U-cover respectively. Kroll initiated Dorosoto in 2005 and, judging by release dates, the Forrest project not too long after. Hypnotic Gyre suggests that Dorosoto traffics in reverb-drenched, evocative electronica that conjures alien, sci-fi landscapes with little help from the listener. All five of the EP's tracks explore different territories and moods: there's “Under The Knife,” a lurching snarl of shimmering streams that would be calming if it weren't for its high level of electrical activity; the percussion-heavy doomscape “Trybalake”; and “Memory Circle” with its jaunty techno shudder and billowing vapours. A subtle hint of funk seeps into the dystopic cityscaping of “ Emerald Building ...” while the beatless “Dioline” reveals that Dorosoto's sound is close in spirit to that of Vladislav Delay circa Multila and Entain.

Generated using nothing more than guitar, effects pedals, and amps, Kroll's Forrest music is purer compared to the Dorosoto material which he creates using the same guitar-based gear supplemented by synths, drum machines, and sampler. On Indiana Burn, the three-inch EP follow-up to last year's U-cover full-length Summer Sounds Asleep, Kroll recorded the material in single takes to an eight-track recorder. “Still Sun Through Fog” and “Still Dust Through Light” bookend the disc with deeply shimmering ambient streams while the fourteen-minute title track—the EP's literal and figurative centerpiece—unspools a radiant stream of ghostly, glacial tones.

May 2008