dublee & Den: dublee & Den

Op.disc follows up 2007's singles and full-lengths by ditch and Dartriix with a splendid “split/collaboration” release (two solo cuts and two collabs) from dublee (Nagoya, Japan-based Yusuke Sakurai) and Den ( Tokyo -born, Berlin -based Tokuto Denda). The clubby tracks are pure Op.disc: bass-heavy, minimal groove material slathered in ample doses of machine-generated accents and percussive flourishes. dublee gets the A side moving with “TCHAD” whose nimble tech-house groove Sakurai anchors with a thudding bass pulse and peppers with all manner of atmospheric detail. Once the groove's solidly in place, the bright chirp of the track's main melody slinks into view, bringing a funky twist to the 4/4 pulse, which is then offset by a silky counterpoint that seems to unfold in slow-motion. Den gives his B-side cut “lipgloss” a funky workout too by pairing a driving bass throb with a percolating percussive attack and woozy synth touches. Joint tracks end the sides: the clubby jewel “KARAKORUM” whose chugging minimal pulse dublee and Den wrap in mobile shuffle textures, voice snippets, and owly whirr & click; and “wander in B” which, prodded by a rubbery throb, steps out in a swinging gait and then opens up to welcome an intricate textural array.

September 2008