Dub Tractor: Faster
City Centre Offices

While the title of Anders Remmer's five-track 12” might suggest Dub Tractor has become some thrash-metal variant of its former self, Faster floats by at about the same BPM as 2003's More Or Less Mono. But it's quality, not tempo, that's the issue, and in that regard these dreamy hymns of glistening guitars, dubby bass lines, and ethereal voices do the job just fine. Reminiscent of “I Don't Care,” “Faster” casts an intoxicating spell when Remmer repeatedly intones the title alongside sun-drenched guitars and swaying rhythms. In “Not At The Lab,” guitar shimmer and aquatic effects coalesce into wisps of melody that reinforce the song's airy feel. Elsewhere, “Right/Wrong” is animated by gentle weaves of vocal harmonies and bubbly bass, while “A Meter” and “Cirkel” are distinguished by their respective churning guitars and music box plunks. As with More Or Less Mono, that these songs appear to be confections deceptively belies the evident craft of their construction.

September 2004