Duopandamix: Infrarrojo
Static Discos

Mexican electronica duo Guillermo Guevera and Gabriel Acevedo (aka Duopandamix) return with Infrarrojo, the follow-up to their 2003 debut Afternuclearbomb. Their mix of gleaming electro-funk and intergalaxial techno isn't radically innovative but that doesn't take anything away from the many pleasures this eminently satisfying outing of retro- and future-sounds offers. Duopandamix's shape-shifting music always seems to be in perpetual motion, whether scurrying down an acid highway, simulating a pinball's ricocheting trajectory, or elastically maneuvering through a hip-hop neighbourhood. The duo gets its arcade freak on in “Ondalux,” sprays the chopped voices thick and fast over the infectious funk of “Rebel” and, goosed by warped turntable accents, slithers along the ocean floor during the fabulous dub-lope of “Plextor.” Other highlights include the title cut's minimal funk and the spacey fusion of hip-hop, funk, and drum & bass in “Space Terror Dub.”

November 2006