Abe Duque feat. Blake Baxter: What Happened?-Part 2
Process Recordings

The second remix go-round of the 2004 classic “What Happened?” by Abe Duque and Blake Baxter arrives by way of a competition conducted by Resident Advisor. All four remixers retain the tune's signature rant (though voice treatments alter its delivery) but liberally twist the instrumental backing into contrasting shapes. Competition winner DJ Glen sets the scene with an instrumental intro featuring a nicely rolling bass pattern and a driving funk-techno swing before unleashing the vocal in a gravelly, low-pitched, and occasionaly shredded treatment. In their frenetic makeover, R.E.C. (Ralph Myerz, Eddie de Bass and DJ Carina) back the vocal with a supercharged blend of techno broil and squelchy house chords. At first, Zied Jouini's trippy, mid-tempo treatment allows the vitriol of the vocal to occupy center stage, but soon enough one's attention shifts to the jacking thrust of the backing. The final treatment comes from Reiner Mauch and Lady Puma, with the two pairing the original voiceover with an infectious house pulse and some vocal shadowboxing by Lady Puma. They're legitimate covers all, though one can't help feel that the point's now been thoroughly made. Time to move on…

March 2010