VA: Tech My House 2

There's little conceptually unusual about Elektrotribe's second Tech My House volume but there's also no contesting the quality of its material either: ten solidly-crafted and previously unreleased tech-house burners by producers operating out of home bases in France, Germany, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, and the UK.

In Humantronic's banger “Nice Not Nice,” sirens slide all over the French producer's bass-crawling techno-funk swizzle while clockwork beats, vertiginous loops, and drop-outs induce late-night delirium in Digital Filth's “Sariouh.” Living up to its title, Moog Conspiracy's “Wild” could be mistaken for Audion's bastard love child when grinding acid overflow, woozy synth madness, and snapping beats combine to make the album's trippiest cut. In “Margarita,” collaborators Moog Conspiracy and Dominic Tausendfreund seem to bring Kraftwerk into their fold when “Pocket Calculator”-styled bleeps and bloops careen atop the tune's slippery jack. Good times abound in heady cuts by Alex Tomb, Harnessnoise, Voodoo J, and Damian Deroma too but top of the pops this time around goes to Australia's Pete Nouveau who gets things moving on the good foot with the deeply grooving house swing of “You're Listening” (love the gravelly repetition of the song's title) and especially Germany's Breger whose “Geraubte Jugend” works a peak-time tribal-house pulse so unbelievably funky it's sick.

August 2008