VA: Boy Got Bass 3 – Mixed by DJ Emerson

Words such as roiling, driving, percolating, metronomic, feverish, exuberant, and funky spring to mind as one listens to the third installment in DJ Emerson's Boy Got Bass series; words such as lifeless and anemic, on the other hand, definitely do not. The Kiddaz.FM head honcho serves up high-energy house grooves and minimal techno thick and fast, yet never so quickly that the seventeen cuts get shortchanged. Snappy, effervescent house beats and rolling bass lines give the mix a propulsive thrust that never flags, and many tracks feature sliced'n'diced vocal acrobatics that boost the set's personality. The seventy-six-minute mix kicks into gear with a nice minimal techno-funk remix by Danton Eeprom of Fortun8 Fellaz' “Look At Me House” while later house cuts such as M.In's conga-laden thumper “Work That Body” and Harry Axt's tripped-out, synth-splattered “Planet Axt” roil and roll with euphoric élan (love the vocal and crisply snapping hi-hats too). Johannes Lehner's “Smart One” gets tribal, pulsating, and funky, while also working in a tinge of jazz fusion. Breathless and relentless, the mix never loses momentum as it powers through banging cuts by Super Flu (“Shine”), Sebastian Lutz (“I'm Tellin' You”), Nick Curly (“Friday”), Loco Dice (“How Do I Know?”), and Daniel Steinberg (“Like To Be”) before eventually snaking a path to John Tejada's banging makeover of Jean Paul Bondy's Depeche Mode-like “Cold Reformer” and finally coming to rest with Oliver Klein vs Harada's “Fisherman.”

July 2009