Fax: Remixes & Collaborators
Static Discos

Remixes & Collaborators is a suitably wide-ranging, hour-long set from Fax (Mexico's Ruben Tamayo) that pairs eight of the former with three of the latter. To what degree the remixes deviate from Fax's originals can be difficult to gauge though in some cases the degree of difference (or lack thereof) seems obvious; the remarkable African-house that glides through Portable's “20w” is clearly more evocative of his style than Fax's. The issue of authorship intrudes less in the case of collaborations like “Spellbound” where a relaxed vocal by Alex Ayuli (AR Kane and M/A/R/R/S) nicely complements Fax's percolating techno-dub. His subtle minimal style also dominates “Rocket,” further distinguished by the sensual vocal musings of Pepito (Jose Marquez and Ana Machado).

Album diversity is ensured by the contributors alone. Murcof (Fernando Corona), for example, subtly weaves a classical string sample into his gently sashaying “Cerca” remix while, moments later, Ultra-Red's Don't Rhine and Pablo Garcia pound out exotic rounds of tribal techno in their “Cerca del Otro lado (F-15)” interpretation. Other highlights include Jonas Bering's sparkling “Aslip” remix, Molair's (Laurent Bernonville and Thierry Mbaye) infectious microhouse overhaul of “Postal,” and Mike Shannon's irresistibly jacking “Et Cetera” treatment. Though Remixes & Collaborators downplays Fax's own sound, it compensates by showcasing the oft-compelling styles of his compadres.

May 2005