Fedaden: Verdad

With this five-track EP, Del Wire member and French electronic producer Denis Fedabeille offers a glimpse of what to expect from Broader, his upcoming Fedaden full-length, even if the EP contains only one original and four remixes. Nevertheless, the guest list's certainly impressive, with Ghislain Poirier (Ninja Tune), Kelpe (Depth Charge), Vompleud, and aus all taking a turn at reinterpreting Fedabeille's “Verdad.” The original opens enticingly with a glistening harp melody before burrowing deeply into a low-riding beat pattern that both throbs and pulsates. Fedabeille nicely balances an almost orchestral-styled melody with a writhing rhythm base, with the result an arresting track that gives the guests much to work with. Kelpe's hip-hop-styled treatment keeps its focus on the original's funky bottom end, as does Ghislain Poirier's equally fresh acid-crunk makeover. In Vompleud's hands, “Verdad” assumes a machine-like veneer that's not so dense that the original harp melody can no longer be heard. aus's dream-like yet still funky version—enhanced by the presence of vocalist Yukiko Okamoto—swings much more aggressively than those familiar with Yasuhiko Fukuzono's flau, Moteer, and Preco releases might have expected but it's true to the original's spirit in doing so. Fans of Flying Lotus, Modeselektor, and Four Tet will find much to like about the loose and funky feel of these overhauls while the Fedaden original bodes well for the album.

May 2009