Renato Figoli: Viva viva l'olio d'oliva
Claque Musique

Claque Musique's second release pairs Sardinia native Renato Figoli's “Viva viva l'olio d'oliva” with an accompanying remix by young Naples artist Massi DL (Massimo Di Lena) . Though Figoli (Lo-Fi Stereo, Gumption Recordings, Trapez) opens the cut restrainedly with bleepy burblings, the kick drum pattern subtly intensifies until, two-minutes in, a pulsating bass line transforms the track into a surging club-house banger. Figoli keeps things interesting by incrementally adding fragmented voice snippets that slip comfortably into the groove and by exploiting tension and release with well-timed dropouts and breakdowns. On the B side, Massi DL (Safari Electronique, Frankie Rec) eschews buildups altogether, opting to leap from the gate with a deep and infectious dance groove overlaid by voice fragments that resemble punctuating barks. Acidy synth effects give the tune fleeting psychotropic character before the cut slams into gear with a massive groove.

June 2007