Filterwolf: Futura EP
Process Recordings

Filterwolf (aka Munich-based producer and DJ Adnan Duric) checks in with a half-hour EP featuring four tracks of funky electro-tech-house . Though it may start out as a slightly off-kilter take on minimal, “Neo Aux” gradually distances itself from the genre with the accumulation of percussive slams, ticks, and pitter-patter. The track's nine-minute running time affords a subtle transition from pounding techno to electro-house, and Duric also neatly sneaks a distinctive skip into the cut's rhythms. Even funkier is “Zeromancer,” a fidgety slice of disco-techno peppered by oodles of electro sparkle and a woman's sensual vocal punctuations, while the theme is taken up in “Acrobat” when an Indian vocalist's ululations are worked into the track's surging throb. Duric here shows his skills in their best light when reverb-heavy percussion accents cross swords with the fragmented vocals of the female singer and a looped snippet of a tongue-tied male, while the bubbly groove gathers steam underneath. Showing no downsizing in the electro-funk department, the pulsating swinger “Love Code” brings the release to a satisfying close. If there's nothing terribly earth-shattering about the release, it's certainly a solid enough outing from the Living Records artist (whose South Disco EP on dub KULT's label includes remixes from Tigerskin and Hrdvsion).

November 2009