Filterwolf: Nocturne
Process Recordings

If Munich-based producer Adnan Duric (aka Filterwolf) didn't know it before, he does now: adding a remix by Bodycode to one's set introduces the very real possibility that one's original might be overshadowed if not trumped altogether. Don't get me wrong: Duric's own track, a steamy electrified techno-house number powered by chunky synth riffs, is certainly fine enough, especially in the way the male (intoning—shades of Donna Summer—“I feel love”) and sensual female vocal elements intertwine. Even so, the moment Alan Abrahams' treatment appears, with a funky hiccup driving its kick drum thump and the Berlin-based producer's own vocals added to Duric's, it's clear which one of the EP's four tracks will be the most memorable. As he often does in his Bodycode and Portable material, Abrahams stokes an infectious groove by assembling multiple layers, percussive and otherwise, into an intricate whole. The version by Corrugated Tunnel ain't bad either, especially when Dubliner Edwin James Cummins re-fashions the original into a bass-prodded, middle-of-the-night cruiser that moves with a jaguar-like stealth, and neither is the one by Olibusta (Olivier Michelet, member of the Parisian Get The Curse outfit), which opts for a bleepy kind of technofied freak-funk in its clubby attack. Duric's original, incidentally, offers a foretaste of his Filterwolf debut album, Music From Tomorrow, scheduled to appear soon.

June 2010