Fisk Industries: The Isle of Wight
Highpoint Lowlife Records

Apparently Fisk Industries' debut EP The Isle of Wight is supposed to evoke an idyllic weekend excursion with friends at the infamous title locale but, on the evidence of these robust tracks, it must have been a rather intense and stormy stay. Londoner Mat Ranson slathers his electronic pieces with bright analog synths, snarling bass lines, shimmering washes, and crunchy breaks, and even finds room for some ululating Indian singing on “We Saw Orion.” While all six are strong, the best track might be “Poltype” which pairs castanet-like clicking patterns with blurry electric pianos and head-nodding funk rhythms. Ranson's music is more aggressive than what normally passes for “warm electronica” but that's certainly not a criticism.

September 2004