Flica: Windvane & Window

Windvane & Window presents sunlit songs by Flica (Malaysian musician Euseng Seto) that are serene, uplifting, and filled with understated grandeur. Seto's heart-felt material conjures images of peaceful seaside vistas filled with warm breezes. Throughout Flica's gloriously melodic and direct debut, acoustic guitar and piano melodies glide over softly swaying and slightly funky beats in electroacoustic scene-paintings with suitably airy vocals by Ika lending ethereal atmosphere to three songs. There's only one area where Windvane & Window's lacking—song titles: why Seto chose to use alphabet letters (e.g., “f,” “g,” “h”) for material so evocative is odd, though it hardly matters when the songs so easily call forth all manner of tranquil imagery. The album ends with two equally lovely remixes by Akira Kosemura and Haruka Nakamura that are in perfect keeping with Flica's aesthetic. Windvane & Window superbly complements other electroacoustic recordings recently issued by the Flau, Schole, and Mü-nest labels and by artists such as Cokiyu, Dom Mino', and Kosemura.

April 2008