Freedarich & Stiggsen: Jibbie

Jibbie, the 12-inch debut by Freedarich & Stiggsen (real names Friedrich Greiling and Steph Sandeck) on Freizeitglauben, offers three trippy and dubbed-out tracks custom-designed to calm nerves during the post-rave comedown. Despite its propulsion, there's an early morning vibe to the A-side's “Brennerpass.” With a restrained locomotive pulse leading the charge, rattlesnake waves and steely crackle crisscross throughout its seven minutes while electro ostinati pinpoint direction, making for an ultra-scenic trip. The flip's “Jibbie” feels lethargic by comparison, despite its sunnier disposition. Still, the piece exudes modest charm, especially when a female voice recites the song title in between giggles. A faded vibe initially pervades the minimal stepper “Welcome” as well until the tune rouses from sleep, sufficiently re-energized to tackle the long trip home. Decent enough all around, but the A side's definitely the keeper.

July 2006