Fuck-Off Machete: If Gold Was Silver and Silver Was Gold
Highpoint Lowlife

Fuck-Off Machete's name is both accurate (in referencing the band's sharp attack) and inaccurate (as its incendiary hook-laden sound more attracts than repels). Formed by bassist and one-time Ganger member Natasha Noramly with guitarist Paul Mellon and drummer Callan Dickson, the Glasgow trio stokes a twelve-ton caterwaul on its debut Highpoint Lowlife single. Reviving long-buried memories of LA punk band X, “If Gold Was Silver and Silver Was Gold” storms out of the gate with a biting, anthemic roar, Noramly passionately pleading the title as throat-slashing guitars destroy all moving targets. On the 7/4 “Copper and Lead Fight,” the trio frenetically works more changes into three minutes than some bands do an entire album while a slightly slower tempo burns just as ferociously in “Fall In Trust.” Needless to say, noise-pop as fierce and infectious as this bodes well for the scheduled full-length set to drop in early 2006.

The disc also includes a cool “Copper and Lead Fight” video (directed by Morgan Campbell) that nicely captures the trio's free-wheeling, exuberant spirit and features street footage of dancing kids, men fist-fighting, and even one very angry looking dude caught stomping down the street wielding—you guessed it—machetes.

November 2005