Fusiphorm: YourSpace EP

Foundsound co-founder fusiphorm (Sylvain Takerkart aka Cyhl) opts for low riders on Yourspace, his second label 12-inch and follow-up to 2006's You Am I outing. Serious in construction but playful in spirit, the opener “Daniel's Extended Network” mixes snappy bass burble and clickety percussive pulses into a slinky funk-house burner where elephant-like screams and clanking chains pierce the subtly grooving quietude. In the merrily strutting “Here for Serious Relationships,” low-slung bass gulps anchor the controlled mayhem of scraping noises that suggest the sound of a steely corpse being dragged. Cyhl caps the disc with the relatively tranquil “Thanx for the Add” where cricket whirrs, water noises, and sliding tones arm-wrestle over a lurching bass and skipping pulse. Like label cohorts Miskate and Someone Else, Cyhl has no difficulty spinning endlessly imaginative variations on the label's minimal house-found sound template.

April 2007