Peter Grummich: Therapy EP
District Of Corruption

Therapy indeed: Grummich's EP is so strong, it probably could cure any psychological trauma all by itself. Having previously issued material on Sender, Kompakt, and Spectral, the German producer now adds District Of Corruption to his CV with three choice cuts. With nine minutes at its disposal, the smoothly jacking title track takes its time reaching peak level but Grummich finally releases the tension seven minutes in and hijacks the tune into a pulsating deep house zone. If anything, the accompanying tracks are even better: the minimal mover “Get It” gets deliciously crisp and tight during its seven-minute trek when spaced-out synth showers try to shatter its handclapping funk strut into shards, and “Dry Milk” casts a mesmerizing, five-minute spell when Grummich brings his radically distinctive sound design to a surging wave of snapping beats and tinkles. A full-length filled with material of equal caliber would be awesome.

September 2007