[guÿôm]: Cacelorazo
Ego Twister

[guÿôm], one-time member of the French collective ‘LeCollectif17ans,' takes the listener on a discombobulating ride on his 12-track vinyl debut. Punk attitude and dada-inspired mayhem rule throughout these seizure-gripped slices of distorted acid, electro, and breakcore. Cacelorazo is hard to ignore and not just because it's headache-inducing (though it often is that) but also because of the exuberant energy [guÿôm] brings to the project. “Contre ventes des marches” resembles the squealing soundtrack to a rooster decapitation session while the acid-soaked “Maudit Building” stomps and sputters like an out-of-control two-year-old in the throes of a temper tantrum. In “Carto(o)n,” [guÿôm] pairs Merry Melody bullet pings and Porky Pig giggles with a blistering bass howl. There's precious little respite from [guÿôm]'s drill'n'bass thunder and squalling synth contortions and not even in the album's dying moments either, as the brutal nightmare “Avocat Sauce Cocktail” proves.

October 2006