Kyle Hall: Kaychunk / You Know What I Feel

While most eighteen-year-olds are holed up playing video games in their parents' basements or wearing out their thumbs with incessant text-messaging, Kyle Hall not only heads up his own Wild Oats imprint but busts out tracks for the esteemed Hyperdub label as well. His double A-sided debut twelve-inch arrives in the wake of a celebrated remix of Darkstar's “Aidy's Girl is a Computer” and finds the Detroit producer distilling a number of ingredients—Motor City sheen, deep house, and 2-step for starters—into a heady cocktail. The opener “Kaychunk” first grounds a swashbuckling shuffle with a beefy bass bump, melodic meander, and smooth synth pads, just in time for swizzling synth arpeggios to breeze in. In “You Know What I Feel,” lush washes and hyperactive hi-hats arrive first, followed by a house-inflected swing and Jan Hammer-esque synth fire. In each cut, Hall smudges everything together until what comes out the other end is a pulsating swarm of beats, chords, and fragments. So much happens during the tunes' controlled blaze, the effect is almost dizzying.

May 2010