Harnessnoise: FGB

Cheltenhamshire outfit Harnessnoise (DJs and producing partners since 1995 Si O'Connor and Si Dollar) makes its Elektrotribe debut with the tech-house three-tracker FGB. Clubby bass-heavy groover “FGB” nicely splatters a funky, roller-coaster tech-house pulse with fusillades of dubbily clanging chords and high-pitched hoots, after which Free Electric Band treats it to an eccentric schaffel-swinging remix that wheezes and creaks like a decrepit grandparent without entirely losing the determined charge of the original. “Suspicious Star,” the EP's best track, builds its burbling house swing into something more epic in feel, with its synth-swelling groove flirting with peaks and drop-outs as it hammers its clockwork theme to the dance club floor.

May 2008