Ezekiel Honig: Porchside Past Tense

It's comforting to find that even a label as future-oriented in its musical thinking as Anticipate still recognizes the pleasures afforded by the physical product, in this case the 7-inch vinyl single (limited to 300 copies). Those in possession of Ezekiel Honig's Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band album will already be familiar with the tracks; those who don't should find the single an enticing teaser for the larger work. In “Porchside Economics,” Honig first establishes a snappy, semi-funky rhythm base that's halfway between a lurch and shuffle and then layers overtop the bluesy moan and cry of muffled guitar sounds (courtesy of Anticipate artist Mark Templeton). The flip side's slightly more meditative “Past Tense Kitchen Movement” peppers peaceful organ flow with combustible industrial fragments and atmospheric guitar peals (Templeton and Greg Colorusso the sources). Both tracks function as good representative snapshots of Honig's style in general and Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band as a whole. The release proves, once again, that he's that rare electronic producer who's able to wed experimentalism and accessibility with apparent ease.

March 2009