Jay Hunsberger: Igloo Throwdown

Adam Marshall: Magnum

Sieg über Die Sonne: Sovjet Supreme

The Canadian invasion continues apace with EP releases from Revolver and Cynosure. Adam Marshall's Remote Culture won't win any awards for original sound design but its restless propulsiveness almost makes up for it. Got to love the steel-plated swing of “Magnum” whose stripped-down, almost tribal groove of funked-up hi-hats and wiry sub-bass should be shaking dancefloors everywhere. The grooving “Illuminator” is all drums, drums, drums—old-school machine-generated and live edits—midwifed by a jittery pulse and synth stabs while the more focused “Nature Gone” weaves dubby Basic Channel waves into its rolling bass lines and jacking groove.

The 'old school' ten-minute title cut on Sovjet Supreme by Sieg Uber Die Sonne (Chilean-born Martin Schopf aka Dandy Jack and Frankfurt native Tobias Freund aka Pink Elln) starts innocently enough but gradually works up potent electro steam, especially when egged on by a driving 808 rhythm section whereas “Regular,” the flip's minimal house groover, struts sweetly enough but is a bit too faded for my liking. Definitely one for night's end.

Indicating a clear kinship between Revolver and Philadelphia 's foundsound imprint, Ontarion J. Hunsberger uses raw voice snippets lifted from Inuit Recordings from the Canadian Northwest for the sweetly jacking “Igloo Throwdown” and slathers hiccupping noises over grooving minimal techno in “Got It Coming.” (And, wouldn't ya know it, Hunsberger contributes a remix to Mark-Henning's The Dog's Bollocks ep on…foundsound.) Nice.

June 2006