The Infant Cycle / Antmanuv: "Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06" / "Beyond the Garden"
The Ceiling

In its Periodicals series, The Ceiling issues split mini-CDRS between The Infant Cycle and other artists from the southern Ontario region. The third installment, a 3-inch disc produced in an 80-copy run, pairs The Infant Cycle with Cambridge resident Antmanuv (Tomane Vinagreiro). In The Infant Cycle's meditative “Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06,” noises creak and swarm and bell tones softly shimmer over a clicking rhythm bed, the locomotive pulse akin to a heartbeat and the cumulative effect more lulling than abrasive. (The Infant Cycle generated the piece using guitar, shortwave, feedback generators, birds, cookery, and a carved vinyl groove.) Antmanuv's eight-minute “Beyond The Garden” is peaceful too albeit in a wholly different way, given that its loops are built entirely from organic field noises of birds, distant train horns, and environmental sounds. How splendid to discover experimental music of this caliber emanating from Hamilton, Ontario.

April 2007