Isomer Transition: Shadowland
Future Days

Isomer Transition's 12-inch Shadowland revisits atmospheric techno ground formerly tilled by the esteemed likes of Surgeon and Chain Reaction with the latter's cavernous echo and narcotized ambiance downplayed ever-so-slightly. Adopting a new guise for techno output, RJ Valeo stokes a pumping, precision-tooled lather in three deep warehouse tracks. Blurry chords surge over a broiling mass of percussion intricacy and relentless machine pulses in the A-side's “Dark Star” while a more rollicking feel dominates the flip's “Heavy Water.” Waves of rattlesnake textures and eel-like chords build over its infectious tech-house groove before “Red Giant” presents an even more aquatic haze, its concluding keyboard ripples an almost overt nod to the classic Basic Channel-Chain Reaction style. Imagine a conflation of Surgeon, Substance, Scion, and Monolake and you'll have a pretty good idea of Shadowland's dub-techno sound. Future days indeed.

June 2006