Jan-M. Iversen: 1.05 Drone
Triple Bath

Having issued thirty-five releases over the past ten years, TIBProd label founder Jan-M. Iversen brings a wealth of experience to this hour-long drone for the Athens, Greece label Triple Bath. Throughout the piece, steely sheets of vaporous noise sweep across immense vistas, and ripples of starburst crackle maintain a perpetual ebb and flow. The work segues between quiet passages which mimic the experience of drifting into sleep and violent sections where the sound escalates to a violent, shattering pitch; at such moments, the drone approximates an industrial mass of seething hysteria that unfurls like a processed howl. Mention also must be made of the work's conclusion where the piece ascends to a glorious, transcendent climax before deflating and then vanishing altogether. Needless to say, 1.05 Drone offers drone devotees the opportunity of a deeply immersive experience.

April 2007