VA: Musik Non Stop Uno

The premiere release from Syncopated Musik, Musik Non Stop Uno unites a dozen globally-dispersed artists for a solid collection of artful club techno. Uruguay-based Marcos Romero, the man behind the fledgling imprint, contributes a cut of his own to go along with tracks by well-established artists such as Hakan Lidbo, Fax, and Narcotic Syntax member Yapacc as well as numerous up-and-comers. Surprisingly, minimal techno doesn't dominate (Sergio Soroa's “Sexy Chat” a rare example) with the comp instead presenting downtempo digi-funk (Lidbo's “Kiiphoon”) and Perlon-styled techno—not a bad thing. In contrast to its title, Nico Ovalle's “America” exudes more of a Chilean than US vibe in its snappy swing (a few sampled interjections of “Viva Chile!” even appear) while Yapacc's “Fleetwood” impresses as one of the strongest offerings. Woozy keyboard patterns, snippety hi-hat patterns, and snappy beat rumble come together in this eight-minute showcase of the Perlon artist's fecund imagination. In addition, Minneapolis-based producer James Patrick uses a classical string sample (from an Arvo Pärt recording, perhaps) as an introductory melodic cell in “Facts Machine” but soon replaces it with an insistent keyboard motif powered by an aggressively thumping pulse, and Romero's lithe “Guadalajara” unspools stealthily, as if possessed by a twilight daze. About halfway through, Musik Non Stop Uno moves into dub-techno territory, first with Mateo Monestier's “Quiet as the Moonlight,” whose fleet-footed skip Monestier augments with dubby chords, and then, the even dubbier “Foundbliss,” by the disc's other Minneapolis producer Dave Wesley, and cHMa's hiccupping march “Jueguete Toxico.” There's no over-arching, grand message here, just eighty minutes of state-of-the-art techno-oriented sounds for those who can't get enough of it.

February 2009