B12: B12-15
B12: B12-16
B33P3R: Suspicion
Orlando B.: Beneath the Surface EP
Orlando B.: Future Resist EP
Babi: I Said No
Tommy Babin's Benzene: Your Body Is Your Prison
Daniel Bachman: Daniel Bachman
Daniel Bachman: Orange Co. Serenade
Badawi: Safe
Badawi VS Ladyman: Lost Highway / In The Lady Room
Bad Sector: Raw Data
Badun: Badun
Baïkonour: For the Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos
Christopher Bailey: Glimmering Webs
Derek Bailey: To Play: The Blemish Sessions
Jessica Bailiff: At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky
Jessica Bailiff: Feels Like Home
Christophe Bailleau: Air Resort
Christophe Bailleau & Neal Williams: On Soft Mountains We Work Magic
Simon Bainton: Sun Settings
Simon Bainton: Visiting Tides
Baja: Aether Obelisk
Baja: Wolfhour
Aidan Baker: Already Drowning
Aidan Baker: Aneira
Aidan Baker: Lost in the Rat Maze
Aidan Baker: Oneiromancer
Aidan Baker: Still My Beating Heart Beats
Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy: Orange
Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy: A Picture of a Picture
Tolga Baklacioglu: Blues EP
Balam Acab: Wander / Wonder
Balanescu Quartet: Maria T
Matt Baldwin: Imaginary Psychology
Lawrence Ball: Energy Diamond
Ballrogg: Cabin Music
Balmorhea: All is Wild, All is Silent
Balmorhea: All is Wild, All is Silent Remixes
Balmorhea: Candor / Clamor
Balmorhea: Clear Language
Balmorhea: Constellations
Balmorhea: HEIR
Balmorhea: Live at Sint-Elisabethkerk
Balmorhea: Rivers Arms
Balmorhea: Self-Titled [Re-mastered 2014]
Balmorhea: Stranger
Balún: Something Comes Our Way
The Balustrade Ensemble: Capsules
The Balustrade Ensemble: Renewed Brilliance
Band Ane: Anish Music
Billy Bang: Da Bang!
Jan Bang: ...And Poppies From Kandahar
Bang On A Can All-Stars: Field Recordings
Bang On A Can All-Stars: More Field Recordings
Mark Banning: Journey to the Light
Denys Baptiste: The Late Trane
Bar 9: In Da Mix
Barbacana: Barbacana
Matt Barbier: Face|Resection
Robert Bardini: The Quest EP
Barem: After the Storm
Barem: Campo Madness
Tomas Barfod: Salton Sea
Barker & Baumecker: Transsektoral
Matthew Barlow: Sun Showers
Marc Barreca: Aberrant Lens
Marc Barreca: Beneath the Mirrored Surface
Marc Barreca: Subterrane
Marc Barreca: Tremble
Marc Barreca: Twilight Remastered + Expanded
Barreca | Leimer: Dual Mono
Barreca | Leimer: Field Characteristics
Barreca | Leimer: Premap
Lloyd Barrett: Mise en Scene
Natasha Barrett: Puzzle Wood
Evan Bartholomew: Caverns of Time
Evan Bartholomew: Secret Entries Into Darkness
Sandro Ivo Bartoli: Johann Sebastian Bach: Preludes, Fantasias and Minuets
Sandro Ivo Bartoli: Puccini: Complete Piano Works and Selected Opera Transcriptions
Matt Bartram: Arundel
Matt Bartram: Left To Memory
Matt Bartram: Moments Before
Barzin: My Life in Rooms
Mario Basanov: Journey
Baseheadz: Hiphop
Robbie Basho: Rainbow Thunder - Songs of the American West
Robbie Basho: Visions of the Country
Basic Soul Unit: Motional Response
Basic Soul Unit: Under The Same Sky
Basic Unit: Fedass
William Basinski: The Disintegration Loops
William Basinski + Richard Chartier: Untitled 1-3
Tim Bass: Pastures
Tommi Bass: Gamma
Tommi Bass: Tommi Labs Volume One
Tommi Bass & B.B.S.C.: Textures from Berlin
Bass Clef: Reeling Skullways
Bass Communion: Cenotaph
Bass Communion: Pacific Codex
Bassnectar: Cozza Frenzy
Pierre Bastien: Visions of Doing
Bastion: Bastion
Jah Batta: Argument
Battery: NoNo/ Air (Feat Rumour)/ Hornsey Dub/ Drop
Battle Trance: Blade of Love
Peter Baumann: Machines of Desire
Bavaria: We'll Take a Dive
Bruno Bavota: Mediterraneo
Bruno Bavota: Out of the Blue
Bruno Bavota: The Secret of the Sea
Bayaka Pygmies: Song from the Forest (Original Soundtrack)
Andrew Bayer: Gaff's Eulogy
Isabel Bayrakdarian: Mother of Light (Armenian Hymns and Chants in Praise of Mary)
bbcb: 28.58
The Beach Boys: SMiLE Sessions
The Beach Boys: That's Why God Made The Radio
Beach House: Beach House
The Beacon Sound Choir: Sunday Morning Drones
Beaten By Them: Signs of Life
Beat Pharmacy: Wikkid Times: Versions & Remixes
Julian Beau: Reflet
Beau Breather: College Hotel
The Beautiful Schizophonic: Musicamorosa
The Beautiful Schizophonic and Yui Onodera: Night Blossom
Thavius Beck: Amber Embers Volume 1
Gianluca Becuzzi & Fabio Orsi: The Stones Know Everything
Tomasz Bednarczyk: Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow
Tomasz Bednarczyk: Painting Sky Together
Tomasz Bednarczyk: Summer Feelings
Gordon Beeferman: Four Parts Five
Bee Mask: Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico
Bee Mask: Elegy For Beach Friday
Bee Mask: Vaporware / Scanops
Beequeen: Time Waits For No One
Jimmy Behan: The Echo Garden
Maya Beiser: Provenance
Maya Beiser: TranceClassical
Maya Beiser: Uncovered
Beledo: Dreamland Mechanism
Andrea Belfi: Wege
Gregg Belisle-Chi: I Sang to You and the Moon
Gregg Belisle-Chi: Tenebrae
Daniel Bell: Blip, Blurp, Bleep
Olga Bell: Krai
Tom Bell: Northern Lights: Contemporary Works for Organ
Bell Horses: This Loves Last Time
Belle Arché Lou: Seeking Solace
Belong: Common Era
Belong: October Language
Be Maledetto Now!: Abisso del Passato pt. 1
Be Maledetto Now!: Abisso del Passato pt. 2
Beneva vs. Clark Nova: Dramadadatic
Beneva vs. Clark Nova: Flotsam / Jetsam
Beneva vs. Clark Nova: Sombunall
Benevento/Russo Duo: Play Pause Stop
Benga: Diary of an Afro Warrior
Bengalfuel: Sprague
The Daniel Bennett Group: The Mystery at Clown Castle
Benni Hemm Hemm: Benni Hemm Hemm
Benni Hemm Hemm: Kajak
Austin Benjamin Trio: Unraveled, Rewoven
Benno Blome: From Antenna To Antenna 1
Benny Blanko: 8 Ft. In The Air
Benoit & Sergio: Where The Freaks Have No Name
Berber Ox: The Great Parenthesis
Christoph Berg: Paraphrases
Christoph Berg and Henning Schmiedt: Bei
Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello: The Gorilla Variations
Ola Bergman: The Satellite City
I.A. Bericochea: Sueño
Natalie Beridze TBA: Forgetfulness
Jonas Bering: Behind This Silence
Jonas Bering: Lost Paradise
Jonas Bering & Kate Simko: Cityscape
Ali Berkok: Never Get Lost for Long
Justin Berkovi: Mondrian
Dan Berkson: The Hollow
Victor Bermon: Arriving at Night
Diego Bernal: For Corners
Alexander Berne: Composed and Performed by Alexander Berne
Alexander Berne and the Abandoned Orchestra: Flickers of Mime / Death of Memes
Alexander Berne and The Abandoned Orchestra: Self Referentials Vols. 1 & 2
Dale Berning: The Horse and Camel Stories
Naomi Berrill: From the Ground
Keith Berry: The Ear That Was Sold to a Fish
Keith Berry: Simulacra
Keith Berry: Towards the Blue Peninsula
Keith Berry: Viable Systems 1
Bersarin Quartett: Bersarin Quartett
Bersarin Quartett: II
Bersarin Quartett: III
Andreas Bertilsson: Paramount
Vitaly Beskrovny: Imperfect
Craig Bethell: A Day Full of You, A Night Tired of Me
Between Interval: Legacy
Bexar Bexar: Tropism
Adam Beyer: A Walking Contradiction
Bhattacharya / Grønseth / Wessel: Bhattacharya / Grønseth / Wessel
Niccolò Bianchi: Estasi
Bianco: Cioccolato Sessuale
Bibio: fi
Bibio: Hand Cranked
Jeremy Bible: I Am Very Uncomfortable Most of the Time
Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry: Marker
Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry: Shpwrck
Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry: Vector
Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry: Vryashn
Andreas Bick: Fire and Frost Pattern
David Bickley: Still Rivers At Night
Big Bend: Hunched
Big Deal: June Gloom
The Big Eyes Family Players: ‘Oh!'
Big Farm: Big Farm
Big Phone: Black Earth App Worship Remixes
Big Quarters: Party Like A Young Commie
Big Toe: Direct Sales
Bing & Ruth: City Lake
Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes: Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes
Biomass: Electrozali
Biomass: Energy
Biosphere: Autour de la Lune
Biosphere: Dropsonde
Biosphere: N-Plants
Biosphere / Deathprod: Stator
Biotron Shelf: 33 Minutes North
Billow Observatory: Billow Observatory
Birdengine: Birdengine EP
The Bird Ensemble: Evensong
Bird People / Waterflower: Split Cassette
Bird Show: Bird Show
Bird Show: Green Inferno
Bird Show: Lightning Ghost
Birds Of Passage: The Brave Man with a Sword
Birds Of Passage: This Kindly Slumber
Birds Of Passage: Winter Lady
Birds Of Passage & I've Lost: Split
Birds Of Passage and Leonardo Rosado: Dear and Unfamiliar
Birds of Tin: Rinpoche
Richard J. Birkin: Accretions | A Lullaby Hymn
Sir Richard Bishop: Plays Sun City Girls
Christopher Bissonnette: In Between Words
Christopher Bissonnette: Periphery
Bitcrush: Collapse
Bitcrush: Epilogue in Waves
Bitcrush: From Arcs to Embers
Bitcrush: In Distance
Bitcrush: Of Embers
Bitcrush: Shimmer and Fade
Hafdís Bjarnadóttir: Sounds of Iceland
BJNilsen & Z'ev: 22.22
Konrad Black: Watergate 03
Blackbelt Andersen: Blackbelt Andersen
Black Cube Marriage: Astral Cube
Black Devil Disco Club: Circus
Black Devil Disco Club: Eight Oh Eight
The Black Dog: Liber Dogma
The Black Dog: Neither/Neither
The Black Dog: Tranklements
Black Eagle Child: Go Around, Again
Black Eagle Child: Lobelia
Black Eagle Child: Pages On A Plane
Black Eagle Child: Playing
Black Gold 360: Black Gold 360
Black Gold 360: LM6iX
Black Gold 360: Suite 17
Black Jazz Consortium: Codes and Metaphors
Black Mental vs Left Hand Path: Moon Disk
Black Ox Orkestar: Nisht Azoy
James Blackshaw: All is Falling
James Blackshaw: Fantômas: Le Faux Magistrat
James Blackshaw: The Glass Bead Game
James Blackshaw: Holly EP
James Blackshaw: Summoning Suns
James Blackshaw: Waking Into Sleep
James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk: The Watchers
Blackstone Rngrs: Descendant
Black Swan: In 8 Movements
Black to Comm: Alphabet 1968
Black to Comm: Charlemagne & Pippin
Black Top: No. 1 with special guest Steve Williamson
Black Turtleneck: Musical Chairs
Black Unicorn: Traced Landscapes
Black Vines: Black Vines
Michael Blake: In the Grand Scheme of Things
Sam Blakeslee Quintet: Selective Coverage
Blamstrain: Blamstrain Remixed
Blankmusic: Afterglow
Blevin Blectum: Irradiance
Bléfari/Beridze/Gouzy/Pratter: 4 Women No Cry
Blindfold: Blindfold
Blindhæð: Whether That Will Make People Want to Become Archeologists, We'll Have to See
Daniel Blinkhorn: Terra Subfónica
Blixaboy: Intro To Futro
Bilxaboy: Kliks & Politiks
Blocks and Escher: Moods / Razor
Bloody Mary: Black Pearl
Jane Ira Bloom: Early Americans
Jane Ira Bloom: Sixteen Sunsets
Jane Ira Bloom: Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickinson
Blossom: Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey
Ryan Blotnick: Kush
Ryan Blotnick: Solo, Volume I
Blotnik Brothers: Mizuage
The Blow: The Love That I Crave (Strategy and Caro Remixes)
The Blow: Paper Television
Blue Fields: Ghost Story
Blueneck: King Nine
Blue Ribbon: Another Time
Bluermutt: Uncertain Data Packed in Red Boxes
Blue Sausage Infant: Negative Space
Blu Mar Ten: Famous Lost Words
Blu Mar Ten: Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 1
Blu Mar Ten: Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 2
Blu Mar Ten: Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 3
F.S. Blumm: Drawings
F.S. Blumm: Meets Luca Fadda
F.S. Blumm: Zweite Meer
Reuben Blundell & Gowanus Arts Ensemble: American Romantics
Reuben Blundell & Gowanus Arts Ensemble: American Romantics II
Bly de Blyant: Hindsight Bias
BNJMN: 141
BNJMN: Black Square
Boards of Canada: The Campfire Headphase
The Boats: Ballads of the Research Department
The Boats: Faulty Toned Radio
The Boats: Our Small Ideas
The Boats: Songs By The Sea
The Boats: Tomorrow Time
The Boats: We Made It For You
The Boats: Words Are Something Else
Boduf Songs: Boduf Songs
Boduf Songs: How Shadows Chase the Balance
Boduf Songs: Lion Devours the Sun
Boduf Songs: This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything
Bodycode: The Conservation of Electric Charge
Bodycode: A Document of an African Past
Bodycode: Immune
Stephan Bodzin Vs Marc Romboy: Luna
Matt Boettke: Volume 8
Bogdan: Human Thermodynamics
Bogenschutzer: Simple City
Ursula Bogner: Sonne = Black Box
Bohren & der Club of Gore: Dolores
Bola: Gnayse
Bolder: Hostile Environment
Wil Bolton: Inscriptions
Wil Bolton: Melt
Wil Bolton: Time Lapse
Bong-Ra: Full Metal Racket
Bong-Ra: Grindkrusher
Bong-Ra/Enduser/Shitmat: Monsters of Mashup
Bonobo: Black Sands
Booka Shade: DJ Kicks
Booka Shade: Movements
Booka Shade: The Sun & The Neon Light
Book of Air: Fieldtone
Boozoo Bajou: Juke Joint II
Bop Singlayer: Vol 3
Gui Boratto: III
Gui Boratto: Chromophobia
Gui Boratto: Take My Breath Away
David Borden: Music For Amplified Keyboard Instruments
Nimrod Borenstein: Suspended
Matt Borghi: Ambient Guitar
Matt Borghi: Huronic Minor
Matt Borghi: December Impressions
Matt Borghi & Michael Teager: Awaken the Electric Air: Live from Star's End
Matt Borghi & Michael Teager: Convocation
Matt Borghi & Michael Teager: Shades of Bending Light
Borka: What Sticks
Born Gold: Little Sleepwalker
Daniel Bortz: Patchwork Memories
Roberto Bosco: Login Exact EP
Sam Boshnack Quintet: The Nellie Bly Project
Boston feat. Solis: Go With Me / The Little Things
Botany: Feeling Today
b°tong: Structures
Bovaflux: Where There Was Nothing
Mary Elizabeth Bowden: Radiance
David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars
Boxharp: The Green
Boxharp: Loam Arcane
Rachael Boyd: Too High
Boy In Static: Newborn
Boy in Static: Violet
Boy Is Fiction: Boy Is Fiction
Boy Robot: Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle
Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails
Ben Lukas Boysen: Gravity
Carla Bozulich: Boy
Carla Bozulich: Evangelista
Bracken: High Passes
Tim Brady's Electric Guitar Quartet: Instruments of Happiness
Bradien: Linden
Mark Bradley: The Gloaming
Brael: Brael
Brael / Tokyo Bloodworm: Living Language
Braille: Partir
Bramble: Emergence
Brancaccio & Bishop: Sun Shines Down
Jaimie Branch: Fly or Die
Steve Brand: Avatara
Steve Brand: Bridge to Nowhere
Steve Brand: Children of Alcyone
Brass Mask: Spy Boy
Braun: As the Veneer of Dumbness Starts to Fade
Brave Timbers: Secret Hopes
Break / Detail: Steamtrain / Days Go By
Break / Enei: So True VIP / Watch Out (Enei RMX)
Break / Fields: Duck For Cover / Reel Funk
Breitbandkater: Technology Gap 001
Breitbarth/Bodycode: Spectral Sound Presents No. 1
Brethren of the Free Spirit: The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb
Bretzel Zoo: Baywatch
James Brewster: As a Hovering Insect Mass Breaks Your Fall
Olie Brice Quintet: Day After Day
Brim Liski: Brim Liski
Bristle Weather: The Oblivion Seeker
William Brittelle: Dream Has No Sacrifice
William Brittelle: Loving the Chambered Nautilus
Broadcast: Future Crayon
Broadcast and The Focus Group: Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age
Falko Brocksieper: Alkem Nukem EP
Heather Woods Broderick: Glider
Heather Woods Broderick: Home Winds
Peter Broderick: 4 Track Songs
Peter Broderick: Docile
Peter Broderick: Five Film Score Outtakes
Peter Broderick: Float
Peter Broderick: Float (2013)
Peter Broderick: Music for Falling From Trees
Peter Broderick: Music For Confluence
Peter Broderick: These Walls of Mine
Benjamin Broening: Recombinant Nocturnes
Broken Chip: The Wonga Pigeon
Broken Chip / Kate Carr / Field Rotation / Marcus Fischer / Billy Gomberg: Rivers Home
Brooklyn Rider: The Brooklyn Rider Almanac
Brooklyn Rider: Seven Steps
Brooklyn Rider: Spontaneous Symbols
Brooklyn Rider: A Walking Fire
Brooklyn Rider & Anne Sofie von Otter: So Many Things
Brooklyn Youth Chorus: Black Mountain Songs
Brother Sun, Sister Moon: s/t
David Thomas Broughton: The Complete Guide to Insufficiency
Apollo Brown: Thirty Eight
Jefrey Leighton Brown: Change Has Got to Come!
Jefrey Leighton Brown: Dreams
Paul Brtschitsche: Me, Myself & Live
Bruce Brubaker: Glass Piano
Bruce Brubaker: Glass Piano (Versions)
Dan Bruce's beta collective: Earthshine
Christoph Bruhn: Chandelier
Christoph Bruhn: Weekends on the Frontier
bRUNA: And It Matters To Me To See You Smiling
Tore Brunborg / Kirsti Huke: Scent of Soil
Eloi Brunelle: 5
Brutter: Brutter
Brutter: Reveal and Rise
Gavin Bryars (with Philip Jeck and Alter Ego): The Sinking of the Titanic
Bryter Layter: Two Lenses
B-Sanders: B-Electric
BTB: Who Wants To Be Healthy In This Sick World?
BTon: 4th Floor
Andres Bucci: Chocopanda
Pier Bucci: Amigo
Pier Bucci: Chiloe
Pier Bucci: Familia
Harold Budd: Avalon Sutra
Harold Budd: In The Mist
Harold Budd & Clive Wright: A Song For Lost Blossoms
Harold Budd & Clive Wright: Candylion
Harold Budd & Clive Wright: Little Windows
Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma
Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar
Dewa Budjana: Zentuary
Steve Bug: Noir
The Bug: Ganja / Flying
The Bug: London Zoo
The Bug ft. Warrior Queen: Poison Dart
Bugged Out: Suck My Deck by Damian Lazarus
Build: Build
Build: Place
Build Buildings: Ceiling Lights From Street
Build Buildings: A Generation of Books
Build Buildings + Marlo Bright: Isomers EP
Building Instrument: Building Instrument
Bungle: Astral Travel / Aura
Bunnies & Bats: Little Colored Blocks EP
The Buoys: Grillo Parlante
Jeff Burch: Jeff Burch
Jeff Burch: Jeff Burch (2017)
The Bureau of Nonstandards: The Bureau of Nonstandards
Caleb Burhans: Evensong
Burial: Burial
Burnkane: You Know / You Will Forget
Aisha Burns: Life In The Midwater
Anthony Burr/Charles Curtis: Alvin Lucier
Anthony Burr/Skuli Sverrisson: A Thousand Incidents Arise
Lee Burridge: Balance 012
Bury the Sound: Autumn Magnets EP
Bus: Eagles
Bus: Feelin' Dank
Bus: Middle of the Road
Busdriver: Fear of a Black Tangent
Butane: Endless Forms
Cam Butler: Find Your Love
Cam Butler: Save My Soul
Cam Butler: Self Portrait
Martin Buttrich: Crash Test
Armin Van Buuren: Universal Religion 2008
bvdub: All is Forgiven
bvdub: The Art of Dying Alone
bvdub: Born In Tokyo
bvdub: A Careful Ecstasy
bvdub: A History of Distance
bvdub: I Remember (translations of Mørketid')
bvdub: Resistance is Beautiful
bvdub: Safety in a Number
bvdub: Serenity
bvdub: Tanto
bvdub: A Thousand Words
bvdub: We Were the Sun
bvdub & loscil: Erebus
Alland Byallo: Tragic Acid
Alland Byallo: Tried & True EP
Ciaran Byrne: Nine Lives Causeway
Matti Bye: Bethanien
Byetone: The Death of a Typographer
Rob Byrd: Aurora Season
Sean Byrd: Always Was
Michael Byron: In the Village of Hope
Bytz: Amfuem