i8u: 10-33 cm
i8u: 29 Palms
I Am A Vowel: Body Curves
I Am A Vowel: Et Op La Bang
I Am Robot And Proud: Uphill City
Ibex: Meltdown EP
I.B.M. presents Monsieur Black: Hurt U / No Love
Icarus: Sylt
Icarus: Sylt Remixes
ICE performs Anna Thorvaldsdottir: In the Light of Air
ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble): On the Nature of Thingness
Icebreaker International & Manual: Into Forever
Iceland Symphony Orchestra: Recurrence
Kyo Ichinose: Earthrise 2064
I:Cube: "M" Megamix
The Idealist: I Am The Fire
I/DEX: Layers
Idlefon: Intensive Collectivity Known As City
Giuseppe Ielasi: Aix
Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti: Bellows
Igorrr & Ruby My Dear: Maigre
Ken Ikeda + Chihei Hatakeyama: Moss
Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern
Ikebana: When You Arrive There
Ikebana: When You Arrive There Remixes
Ike Yard: 1980-82 Collection
Kane Ikin: Sublunar
Kane Ikin + David Wenngren: Strangers
Ikonika: Aerotropolis
Ikonika: Contact, Want, Love, Have
Ikonika: Millie / Direct
Ikonika: Smuck / We Can Be Ikons
Akai Ikuo: Language Without Words
Anders Ilar: Nightwidth
Anders Ilar: Organza
Anders Ilar: Stories of Old
Anders Ilar: Vidare
Ilkae: Bovine Rearrangement
Ilkae: Bring Extra Dragons
ILL Padre: Certified Latin Breaks Vol. 1
Illuha: Interstices
Illuha: Shizuku
Illusion of Safety: The Need to Now
Imagho & Mocke: Half Quartet
Imaginary Softwoods: The Path of Spectrolite
I Make This Sound: Everything Means Something
Masayuki Imanishi: Tone
I'm Not A Gun: Everything At Once
I'm Not A Gun: Our Lives On Wednesdays
I'm Not A Gun: Solace
I'm Not A Gun: We Think As Instruments
Sunao Inami: Disinfectant
Sunao Inami: HOW-BOW 2
Incite/: Iconicity
Indignant Senility: Plays Wagner
Indigo Kid: II: Fist Full of Notes
The Infant Cycle: A Mysterious Disc
The Infant Cycle: Playout
The Infant Cycle: Secret Hidden Message
The Infant Cycle / Antmanuv: "Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06" / "Beyond the Garden"
Infinite Scale: Ad Infinitum
Infinite Spirit: Revisiting Music of the Mwandishi Band
Infusion: Girls Can Be Cruel / Do It To You (In '82)
Richard A Ingram: Better Luck
Richard A. Ingram: Consolamentum
Richard A Ingram: Happy Hour
Richard A. Ingram: Piano Test
Inhabitants: The Future Moves Underneath
Inhabitants: Inhabitants
Inhabitants: A Vacant Lot
INKlings: Hermetica
Inlandsis: Premier Froids
Inner8: Inner8
Innerstance.Beatbox: Tekniques
Innerstance.Beatbox: Your Eyes Are Like UFO's, My Darling
Inner Travels: Sea of Leaves
Innocent When You Dream: Dirt In The Ground
Inoo-Kallay Duo: Five Conversations About Two Things
Yuta Inoue: Homemade Dust Collector
Insa Donja Kai: Insomnie Joyeuse
Insanic4: Neglected Particles
Ayn Inserto: Home Away From Home
Petre Inspirescu: fabric 68
Marcus Intalex: 21
Integral: The Past is My Shadow
Integral: Rise
Interbellum: Over All of Spain the Sky is Clear
The Internal Tulips: Mislead into a Field by a Deformed Deer
In The Field: In The Field
Intricate: In Pectra
Intrusion: Intrusion / Reflection
Intrusion: The Seduction of Silence
Intrusion: Tswana Dub (Brendon Moeller & Phase90 Remixes)
The Invaderz: New Found Dialect
Invading Pleasures: Infinite Jest
The Inventors of Aircraft: As It Is
The Inventors Of Aircraft: Where The Light Stops
Inverz: My Machines
Inverz: Songs
Ionophore: Sinter Pools
Irezumi: Thirty
Rafael Anton Irisarri: The North Bend
Rafael Anton Irisarri: Reverie
Rafael Anton Irisarri: The Unintentional Sea
ironomi: niji
ironomi: Sketch
irr.app.(ext.): Kreiselwelle
Zoë Irvine: Magnetic Migration Music
Isan: Descette
Isan: Eastside
Isan: Meet Next Life
Isan: Plans Drawn In Pencil
Ishan Sound: Forward / Koma
Iskra String Quartet: ISKRA
Islands Of Light: Ruebke
Iso68: Here There
Isolée: We Are Monster
Isolée: Western Shore
Isomer Transition: 1971
Isomer Transition: Mission to Mars
Isomer Transition: Orbits Decaying
Isomer Transition: Shadowland
Terje Isungset: Meditations
Italoboyz: Bla Bla Bla
Ital: Hive Mind
Ital Tek: Midnight Colour
Itosha: Circs and Recs
itsnotyouitsme: Everybody's Pain Is Magnificent
itsnotyouitsme: This I
Iuengliss: Down Cosm EP
I've Lost: From These Hands
Jan-M. Iversen: 1.05 Drone
Iz & Diz: Love Vibe Remixes Vol.1-3
Izu: Going Salamander