Brandon Labelle & James Webb: Radio Flirt
Labfield: Bucket of Songs
Labfield: Fishforms
Labradford: Prazision LP
Lachrylic: Sensory Overdub
Lackluster: Slice
Lackluster: Repulsine
Lackluster: What You Want Isn't What You Need
David Lackner: Synthetic Love Dream
LaConnor: LaConnor
Lacuna: Talk On The Step
Fernando Lagreca: Control
Lake People: Purposely Uncertain Field
Lali Puna: I Thought I Was Over That
Lali Puna: Micronomic
Lali Puna: Our Inventions
Ed Laliq: Bea-Tea-Full-Day Remixes
L'altra: Different Days
Gustavo Lamas: Brotes
Lambent: Smoothness Extract (Deep Night at Ishigaki)
Michael Lambright: Allumwandlung
Lamella: Love Versus Dirt
Giovanni Lami / Nicola Ratti: 7-inch Split
O.Lamm: Monolith
Lamont & 2tall: Senses Overloaded EP
Philippe Lamy: Slowfast
Daniel Land & The Modern Painters: Imagining October EP
Landau: Thepicompromise
Landesvatter: Lax
Landing: Gravitational IV
Landing: Landing
Landing: Third Sight
Landing: Wave Lair
Land Observations: The Grand Tour
Land of Kush: The Big Mango
Adrian Lane: Branches Never Remember
David Lang: Love Fail
Erin Lang: Erin Lang
Languis: Other Desert Cities
Neil Landstrumm: Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast
Vadim Lankov: Forcefield EP
Jessy Lanza: Oh No
Jessy Lanza: Pull My Hair Back
Lantscap: Varying Degrees of Alive
P. Laoss: Landscapes & Machines
Joe Lapaglia: Days Behind
Anne Laplantine: A Little May Time Be
Anne Laplantine: Spring Won't Find Us
Lapsed: Lapsed
Larkian & Yellow6: Offtempo
Corey Larkin: Pnomoneya
Kenny Larkin: Keys, Strings, Tambourines
April Larson: Up Below
Larytta: Larytta
Larytta: Ya-Ya-Ya
Larvae: Dead Weight
Larvae: Empire
Larvae: Exit Strategy
Larvae: Loss Leader
Dominic Lash Quartet: Opabinia
David Last: The Push Pull
Last Days: Sea
Later Days: Songs of the Watchmaker
Last Days: The Safety of the North
Last Days: Satellite
Last Days: These Places Are Now Ruins
Last Ex: Last Ex
The Last Hurrah!!: The Beauty Of Fake
The Last Hurrah!!: Mudflowers
The Last Hurrah!!: Spiritual Non-Believers
Latitude 49: Curious Minds
Mary Lattimore: The Withdrawing Room
Lauer: Borndom
Lau Nau: Valohiukkanen
Laub: Deinetwegen
Laudanum: Your Place & Time Will Be Mine
Laura: Yes Maybe No
Michael Laurello: Rose
Heiko Laux: Fernweh
Sven Laux: Homesickness or Nostalgia
Sven Laux: Paper Streets
Sven Laux: And Then We Were Surrounded
Lavender Ticklesoft: Oracles of Dimensions
Kimyan Law: Coeur Calme
Steve Lawler: Viva London
Lawrence: The Absence of Blight
Lawrence: Divided
Lawrence: Films & Windows
Lawrence: Lowlights From the Past and Future
Lawrence: Spark
Lawrence: Until Then, Goodbye
Christopher Lawrence: Un-Hooked
Tom Lawrence: Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen
Layton & Wood: When? Softly
Damian Lazarus + Matthew Styles: Get Lost
Lazercrotch: Gemini Air Systems
L.B. Dub Corp: Unknown Origin
LCD Soundsystem: 45:33: Nike+ Original Run
LD: Traumatic Times / Woodblock
Leaf: Made Into Itself
Leafcutter John: Tunis
Le Berger: Music For Guitar & Patience
Le Boeuf Brothers + JACK Quartet: Imaginist
Marc Leclair: Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes
Andrew McKenna Lee: Gravity and Air
Andrew McKenna Lee: Solar/Electric
The Peggy Lee Band: Invitation
The Peggy Lee Band: New Code
Clem Leek: Holly Lane
Clem Leek: Home Outside
Clem Leek: A Letter
Clem Leek: Lifenotes
The Left Outsides: There Is A Place
Legiac: The Faex Has Decimated
Steve Lehman: Sélébéyone
Hanno Leichtmann: Nuit du plomb
Leichtmetall: Wir Sund Blumen
K. Leimer: Closed System Potentials Remastered + Expanded
K. Leimer: Day Music | 1
K. Leimer: Degraded Certainties
K. Leimer: The Grey Catalog
K. Leimer: Imposed Order / Imposed Absence
K. Leimer: Land of Look Behind (Remastered + Expanded)
K. Leimer: Lesser Epitomes
K. Leimer: Mitteltöner
K. Leimer: The Pale Catalog
K. Leimer: Permissions
K. Leimer: Re-enact
K. Leimer: The Useless Lesson
Le K: OK Daddy
John Lemke: Nomad Frequencies
John Lemke: People Do
John Lemke: Walizka
Jeremy Lemos / Matt Jencik: Three:four Split Series Vol. 5
Le Lendemain: Fires
Lena: Circonstances / Variations 1-4
Lena: Floating Roots
Daniel Lentz: In the Sea of Ionia
Daniel Lentz: Los Tigres de Martre
Daniel Lentz: On the Leopard Altar
Daniel Lentz: Point Conception
Daniel Lentz: River of 1,000 Streams
Lenzman: Golden Age EP
Lenzman: Looking At The Stars
Neil Leonard: For Kounellis
Neil Leonard: Mil Maneras
Lars Leonhard + Alvina Red: Seasons - Les quatre saisons
Lerosa: Amanatto
Lerosa: Design EP
Lerosa: Façade EP
Lerosa: Killester
Lerosa: Seeker EP
Mat Le Star: Life After
Mano Le Tough: Changing Days
Mano Le Tough: Stories EP
Mano Le Tough: Trails
Le Technique: Le Technique
Letna: Adria
Letna: Horizont
Beth Levin: Bright Circle (Schubert / Brahms / Del Tredici)
Bruce Levingston: Dreaming Awake
Bruce Levingston: Portraits: Glass, Ravel, Messiaen, Satie
James Brandon Lewis: Days of FreeMan
Klara Lewis: Ett
Jasper Leyland: Fieldstone
Jasper Leyland: Margin
Jasper Leyland: Wake: Carbon Series Volume 5
Liar's Rosebush: Circle the Squares
Glen Liberman: Why Am I
Librah: My Love is 4ever
Library Tapes: Alone in the Bright Lights ...
Library Tapes: Escapism
Library Tapes: Feelings for Something Lost
Library Tapes: Fragment
Library Tapes: Höstluft
Library Tapes: Like Green Grass Against a Blue Sky
Library Tapes: Sketches
Library Tapes: A Summer Beneath the Trees
Library Tapes: Sun Peeking Through
Lichens: Omns
Lichens: The Psychic Nature of Being
The Lickets: Dolls In Color
The Lickets: Her Name Came On Arrows / They Turned Our Desert Into Fire
The Lickets: Journey in Caldecott
The Lickets: Here (On Earth)
The Lickets: Offering to Magnetic Mountain
The Lickets: Song of The Clouds / Eidolons
Oliver Lieb: Inside Voices
Dave Liebman / Joe Lovano: Compassion: The Music of John Coltrane
Life Toward Twilight: I Swear By All The Flowers
Fabrice Lig: Hmong Dignity EP
Lightfoils: Hierarchy
Lights Dim with Gallery Six: Between Spaces
Lights Out Asia: Eyes Like Brontide
Lights Out Asia: Hy-Brasil
Lights Out Asia: In the Days of Jupiter
Lights Out Asia: Tanks and Recognizers
Ligovskoï: Dilip EP and Remixes
Ligyro: Ligyro
Liholesie: The Fog of Transition
Like A Stuntman: Fresh Air Is Not The Worst Thing In Town
Like a Stuntman: Reduce
Like A Stuntman: Stan Places
Like Kisses Of Thread: Letters
Andrew Liles & Fovea Hex: Gone Every Evening
Lilienweiss: In Todesbanden 1.0
Lilienweiss: Reloaded and Remastered
Lilienweiss: Seasons
Lilienweiss: Silent Night
Lilienweiss: Zwitschern-Zyklus
Lilies On Mars: Dot To Dot
Lilies on Mars: Dream of Bees
Tobias Lilja: Delirium Portraits
Tobias Lilja: Medicine Sings Triptych
Tobias Lilja: Time is on My Side
Limo: Fluid Identity
Nadja Lind and Paul Loraine: Making A Difference Remixed
Line: A Snowstorm in a Globe
Linear Bells: The Stars Will Shine
Linear Bells: Winter Haze
Lineland: Logos For Love
Gong Linna & Bang on a Can All-Stars: Cloud River Mountain
Linus: Linus + Skarbø / Leroux
Linus + Økland / Van Heertum: Felt Like Old Folk
Linus + Økland & Van Heertum & Zach: Mono No Aware
Eliot Lipp: Immediate Action #10
Eliot Lipp: The Outside
Eliot Lipp: Peace Love Weed 3D
Eliot Lipp: Rap Tight
Eliot Lipp: Steele Street Scraps
Eliot Lipp: Tacoma Mockingbird
Daniel Lippel: Electric Counterpoint
Robert Lippok: Redsuperstructure
Robert Lippok: Robot
Robert Lippok/Barbara Morgenstern: Tesri
Liquid Stranger: The Invisible Conquest
Valentina Lisitsa: Plays Philip Glass
Lissom: Nest of Iterations
Listening Mirror: The Clearing / My Hiding Place
Listening Mirror: The Heart of The Sky (Expanded and Remixed CD Edition)
Listening Mirror: On the Passing of Chavela
Listening Mirror: Resting in Aspic
David T. Little: Haunt of Last Nightfall
littlebow: Three
Little Fritter: Friz And Froth
Little Fritter: Wizard With A Piece Of Timb
A Little Orchestra: Clocks
Little Phrase: Find Your Sense
Litwenko: Four Tactics
The Living Earth Show: Dance Music
Livity Sound: Livity Sound
Liviu Groza: Pink Suit Thriller EP
Ljudbilden & Piloten: One hundred fifty-five
Ljudbilden & Piloten / Kama Aina: Split
Lloop: 60 Hertz
Dale Lloyd: Akasha_for Record
L/M/R/W: Drifts
loadbang: Lungpowered
Herrmutt Lobby: Bassfudge Powerscones
Herrmutt Lobby: Haters Gonna Hate
Lobisomem: Brightest Solids
Lobisomem: Onze Pedras
l'Objet: Monorail
Norberto Lobo: Fornalha
Annea Lockwood: The Sound Map of the Housatonic River
Loco Dice: In The House
Loco Dice: 7 Dunham Place
Loco Dice: Seeing Through Shadows
Loden: Valeen Hope
Loess: Burrows
Loess: Wind and Water
Robert Logan: Flesh
Logics ft Kodin: Knock Knock
Logreybeam: It's All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism
Logreybeam: Perhaps
Loka: Fire Sheperds
Loko: In Love
Mirko Loko: Seventynine
The Mark Lomax Trio: Isis and Osiris
Jacob London: Splat!
London Sinfonietta: Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters
Lone: Galaxy Garden
Longleash: Passage
The Long Lost: The Long Lost
Loops Of Your Heart: And Never Ending Nights
Alejandro Lopez: Poligono De Frecuencias
Francisco López: Amarok
Francisco López: Live in Auckland
Francisco López: Machines
Francisco López: Untitled #228
López / Arford: Solid State Flesh/Solid State Sex
Francisco López & Lawrence English: HB
Jay-Dea López: The Great Silence
Lord Echo: Curiosities
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet: Beyond
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet: The Year Before Yesterday
Loscil: City Hospital
Loscil: Coast / Range / Arc
Loscil: First Narrows
Loscil: Plume
Loscil: Sketches from New Brighton
Loscil: Submers
Losoul: Getting Even
Lostep: Because We Can
Lost Trail: Blacked Out Passages
Lost Trax: Lost Trax EP
Erik Lotichius: Anaitalrax 25 Virtuosic Piano Pieces
Lotus Plaza: The Floodlight Collective
Louderbach: Autumn
Louis Minus XVI: Kindergarten
Tristan Louth-Robins: The Path Described
Shawn Lovato Quintet: Cycles of Animation
lovesliescrushing: Crwth (Chorus Redux)
lovesliescrushing: Girl Echo Suns Veils
lovesliescrushing: Glinter
Lovelock: Burning Feeling
Love Trio In Dub featuring U-Roy: s/t
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma: We Know Each Other Somehow / Sunshine Soup
Löwenritter: Prelude - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise
Lowfish: 1000 Corrections Per Second
Lowfish: Persuasive Science
Lowfour: Stenmark
Low in the Sky: We Are All Counting On You, William
Low Res: Look Back With Knife
Lowriders Deluxe: Future Deluxe
L Pierre: Dip
L Pierre: Touchpool
LRAD: Fragment Syntax
Luci: Veillèes Canadiennes
Luciano: Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. Volume 2
Luciano: Vagabundos 2012
Lucy: Churches Schools and Guns
Lucy: Wordplay for Working Bees
Lufth: Distanz und Nähe
Yuri Lugovskoy: Yuri Lugovskoy
Lulacruza: Circular Tejido
Lulacruza: Do Pretty!
Lulacruza / MJ Greenmountain: Soloina
Lull: Like a Slow River
The Lullaby Leagure: Cantus
The Lullaby League: Dormio Animus
Lullabye Arkestra: Ampgrave
Lullatone: The Bedtime Beat
Lullatone: Computer Recital
Lullatone: Falling for Autumn EP
Lullatone: Little Songs About Raindrops
Lullatone: Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous
Lullatone: Songs That Spin In Circles
Lullatone: The Sounds of Spring
Lullatone: Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures
Lullatone: Summer Songs
Lullatone: Thinking About Thursdays
Luminous: Links
Lunar Miasma: Crystal Covered
Lunatik Sound System: The Journey
Tor Lundvall: Empty City
Tor Lundvall: The Seasons Unfold Sampler
Barbara Lüneburg: Weapon of Choice
Luomo: Convivial
Luomo: Paper Tigers
Lusine: A Certain Distance
Lusine: Condensed
Lusine: Emerald EP
Lusine: Inside Out
Lusine: Language Barrier
Lusine: Podgelism
Lusine: Serial Hodgepodge
Lusine: The Waiting Room
Lustmord: Dark Matter
Selaxon Lutberg: Simboli Accidentali
Elisa Luu: Chromatic Sigh
Elisa Luu: Un Giorno Sospeso
Luv Jam: Mind Music EP
Dave Luxton: Strange Environs
Koen Lybaert: Dead Whale Floating
Paul Lyman: Tozer / Witchcraft
Lymbyc Systym: New Varieties
Lymbyc Systym: Shutter Release
Lymbyc Systym: Split Stones
Lymbyc Systym: Symbolyst
Barry Lynn: Taurus Tapes