Me Raabenstein: Raabenstein_esk
Akira Rabelais: ...bénédiction, draw
Akira Rabelais: Caduceus
Akira Rabelais: Spellewauerynsherde
Radare: Im Argen
Radical Face: Ghost
Radical Fashion: Odori
Radio Amore: Innovations For Electric Strings
Radio Citizen: The Night & The City
Radioseed: There Has To Be More
Radio Slave: Balance 023
Radio Slave: Works. Selected Remixes 2006 - 2010
Radioson: Radioson
Radiosonde: Radiosonde
Raglani: Of Sirens Born
Thomas Ragsdale: Bait
Thomas Ragsdale / Gavin Miller: The Hagg / Avec Plaisir
Rahmanee: The Stopper / Reprazent
Rainbow Arabia: Boys and Diamonds
Rain-cloud: Rain-cloud
Rain Dog: Two Words
Rameses III: For José María
Rameses III: I Could Not Love You More
Rampersaud Shaw Neal Martin Krakawiac: Halcyon Science
randomNumber: Golden Acre Sleeps
randomNumber: Modern Ambivalence
rANdOMoiDz / NoseTek: There's No Techno Like NoseTek, No?
Rant: A Direct Sensuous Pleasure
Rant: Land
Rapoon: Song From the End of the World
Rapoon: Time Frost
Rashamon: Frightened By the Familiar
Rashamon: Windo Loca
The Rational Academy: A Heart Against Your Own
The Rational Academy: Swans
Maja S.K. Ratkje: River Mouth Echoes
Nicola Ratti: From the Desert Came Saltwater
Raudive: Chamber Music
Raudive: A System Of Objects
Rayons: The World Left Behind
Re:: Alms
Lukas Read: Neo Age
Reanimator: Damaged Bads
Reanimator: Special Powers
Tom Recchion: Proscenium
Rechenzentrum: Director's Cut
Rechenzentrum: Silence
Recon: White Label
Recondite: Hinterland
Rec_Overflow: Madrid
Recue: All the Wrong Places
Redfish: Redfish
Jody Redhage: Of Minutiae and Memory
Redhooker: The Future According to Yesterday
Redhooker: Vespers
Red Light New Music: Barbary Coast
Jose Luis Redondo: La Reponse Est Aux Pieds
Red Panda: Ferrimagnetic
Redshape: The Dance Paradox
Red Snapper: Pale Blue Dot
Red Sparowes: Every Red Heart Shines Towards the Red Sun
Alex Reece / Doc Scott / Dillinja: 2015 Remasters
Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music
Rick Reed: Dreamz / Blue Polz
Rick Reed: The Way Things Go
Rob Reed: Sanctuary
Refractor: Locus Suspectus
The Refractors: Eight Year Sleep
Marty Regan: Splash of Indigo
Nadia Reid: Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs
Nadia Reid: Preservation
Tomeka Reid Quartet: Tomeka Reid Quartet
Jonas Reinhardt: Jonas Reinhardt
Jonas Reinhardt: Powers of Audition
Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt: Songen om Guro
Rekalix: Frozen Planet
Rekid: Made In Menorca
relapxych.0: City Nightlights
relapxych.0/Quantec/Deer: Shapes and Phases of Ambience
Relmic Statute: Morning Tapes
Remdog: Marabu Series EP
Reminder: Continuum
Relay: Still Point of Turning
Relay: Type/Void
The Remote Viewer: Let Your Heart Draw A Line
The Remote: Too Low To Miss
Remote_ versus Ontayso: Celestion
Rene Hell: Porcelain Opera
Renfro: Mathematics
Repair: Still Standing Severely Damaged
Repeat Orchestra: A Deeper Ground
Repeat Orchestra: Red Dark Shed
Resoe: Into the Black Void of Space
Response: Surveillance / One Nation
The Result: Niagara EP
The Retail Sectors: Foregone Conclusion
The Retail Sectors: Life's Ironies
The Retail Sectors: The Starlight Silent Night
The Retail Sectors: Subject Unknown
The Retail Sectors / Yaporigami: The Retail Sectors / Yaporigami Descending Into Crevasse
Retina.IT: Semeion
Re-UP: Nelcorpo
Le Réveil Des Tropiques: Le Réveil Des Tropiques
Reverbaphon: Here Comes Everyone
Reverbaphon: Our Heart Beats With Joy
Jamie Reynolds: Grey Mirror
Kevin Reynolds: Liaisons / Port
Milford Reynolds: Second Hand Music
Todd Reynolds: Outerborough
RF & Lili De La Mora: Eleven Continents
rhein_strom: von der rheinquelle bis hafen karlsruhe
Rhythm Baboon: Jambah Bongo Dub EP
Rhythm Incursions: Up The Anti
Rhythm & Sound: with the artists and the versions
Rhythm & Sound: See Mi Yah Remixes
Rhythm_Maker: Every Now and Then, Anger
Darren Rice: M9
Max Richter: 24 Postcards in Full Colour
Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks
Max Richter: From The Art Of Mirrors
Max Richter: Sleep
Max Richter: Songs From Before
Lasse-Marc Riek: Helgoland
Lasse-Marc Riek: Islands
Lasse-Marc Riek: One Hour As Trees In Finland
Lasse-Marc Riek: Saison Concrète
Lasse-Marc Riek: Schwarm
Karriem Riggins: Alone Together
Rigil: Concertina Heart
Sophie Rimheden: H2-Fi Remixes
Rion: Fireflies
Pietro Riparbelli: Spire 4: 4 Churches
Pietro Riparbelli: Three Days of Silence
Alexander Rishaug: Possible Landscape
Alexander Rishaug: Shadow Of Events
Danilo Rispoli: Beyond
Rist: Weekend
Jim Rivers: Airport Vultures
Van Rivers: Messed Up Alternative
Rivers Home: All N4tural: The Rhine
Rivers Home: The Boats: River Calder
Rivers Home: Seth Chrisman: Rio Grande
Rivers Home: Savaran: River Dovey
Rivers Home: Dan Whiting: Georges River
Riverz End: Transfer
R&J emp: Minipac+
RJ Valeo: Atman
RJ Valeo: September
RL/VL: Chagrin
RMSonce: Reflections
Steve Roach: The Delicate Forever
Steve Roach: Emotions Revealed
Steve Roach: Etheric Imprints
Steve Roach: Skeleton Keys
Steve Roach: Structures From Silence
Steve Roach & Robert Logan: Biosonic
Steve Roach & Robert Logan: Second Nature
Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf: Tales From the Ultra Tribe
Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes: The Ancestor Circle
Steve Roach and Dirk Serries: Low Volume Music
Roam The Hello Clouds: Near Misses
Robedoor: Closer to the Cliff
Christopher Roberts: Last Cicada Singing
Christopher Roberts: Trios for Deep Voices
Mariel Roberts: Cartography
Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee
Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile
Frederic Robinson: Vamp EP
Michael Robinson: Celestial Crocodile and Honu Morning
Michael Robinson: Hummingbird Canyon
Michael Robinson: Lahaina Lanterns
Michael Robinson: Lilac Dawn
Michael Robinson: Lucknow Shimmer
Michael Robinson: Moonrise and Rain-Mist
Michael Robinson: Rajasthani Spring
Michael Robinson: The Spirit Pool
Michael Robinson: Viridian Seas
Tilman Robinson: Network of Lines
Rocketnumbernine: You Reflect Me
Rod: All My Love
Jeffrey Roden: Bridge to the Other Place
Jeffrey Roden: Seeds of Happiness Part 1
Jeffrey Roden: Threads of a Prayer Volume 1
Jeffrey Roden: Threads of a Prayer Volume 2
Steve Roden: “a big circle drawn with little hands”
Steve Roden: Striations
Steve Roden + Mem1: A Floating Wave of Air
Eliane Rodrigues: Notturno
Mariano Rodriguez: Praise the Road
Roedelius: Selbstportrait I
Roedelius: Selbstportrait Vol. II
Franck Roger: Extensions Of Yesterday
Rolf & Fonky: Cobra (Donnacha Costello December 2004 Remix)
Rolf & Fonky: Immunactiv EP
Rolf & Fonky: To Care E.P.
Rolf & Fonky: To Care DVD
Rolf & Fonky with Scanner: Tinnito
J. Rogers: Access
Roll The Dice: Roll The Dice
Dennis Rollins' Velocity Trio: The 11th Gate
Romance of Young Tigers: Marie
Rone: La Dame Blanche
Rone: So So So
Rone: Spanish Breakfast
Rone: Tohu Bohu
Roomful of Teeth: Render
Roomful of Teeth: Roomful of Teeth
May Roosevelt: Haunted
May Roosevelt: Junea
May Roosevelt: Music to the Poetry of Dinos Christianopoulos
Root 70: Heaps Dub
Rootsix: Dragondrop EP
Roots Manuva: Slime & Reason
Ethan Rose: Oaks
Marina Rosenfeld: Plastic Materials
Dag Rosenqvist and Simon Scott: Conformists
David W. Ross: Butterflies in the Labyrinth of Silence: Guitar Music of Georges Raillard
David Ross & Clive Bell: Recovery Suite
Jayne Amara Ross, Frédéric D. Oberland & Gaspar Claus: The Freemartin Calf
Aria Rostami and Daniel Blomquist: Wandering Eye
ROTFLOL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
David Rothenberg: Bug Music
David Rothenberg and Korhan Erel: Berlin Bülbül
Rothko and Caroline Ross: A Place Between
Sebastien Roux: Revers Ouest*
Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Recordings
Alix Roy: Club You
RP Boo: Legacy
RPM Orchestra: Afterglow
R/R Coseboom: Beneath Trembling Lanterns
RSD: Perfect Timing / No Fear Dub
RSD: World Hungry / Dub Pride
Rubens: Carnivalesque
Rub-N-Tug: Fabric 30
Ursula Rucker: ma'at mama
Ruffhouse: Demand / Division III
Dana Ruh: Kickboxing EP
Dana Ruh: Naturally
Mathieu Ruhlmann: Fourteen Worms for Victor Hugo
Mathieu Ruhlmann: This Star Teaches Bending
Mathieu Ruhlmann & Banks Bailey: ANÁÁDIIH
Mathieu Ruhlmann + Celer: Mesoscaphe
Florencia Ruiz: Cuerpo
Rumpistol: Dynamo
Rumpistol: Talk to You
Rumskib: Rumskib
Run_Return: Animals Are Beautiful People
Run_Return: Metro North
Run_Return: Sum of an Abstract
James Rushford: Vellus
The Rushings (feat. Buck Curran): Nashville West Sessions
Chris Russell: Labyrinth
Sebastian Russell: Infinite
The Russian Futurists: Our Thickness
Rustie: Glass Swords
Rusuden: Fe IX/X 171 A
Rusuden: Warm Human Antennae
Ruxpin: This Time We Go Together
Ruxpin: Where Do We Float From Here?
RV Paintings: Samoa Highway
Henrik Rylander & Leif Elggren: Gottesdienst
Ryonkt: North Small Town
Ryonkt: Small Conversations
Ryonkt: Sunlight & Water
Terje Rypdal: Vossabrygg op. 84