Takashi Wada: Meguro
Rick Wade: Duke of Cologne
Rick Wade: The Good, the Bad, and the Deep
Rick Wade: Night of the Living Deep
Rick Wade: Night Tactics
Rick Wade: Strong Arm
Manfred Waffender: Places In Time: Thailand & Myanmar
Wagz: Exile / Zodiac
Wako & Oslo Strings: Modes for All Eternity
Sylvie Walder: Moments
Walkner.Moestl: Structures
Mike Wall: Out of Fire EP
Zach Wallace: Glass Armonica
Michael Vincent Waller: The South Shore
Michael Vincent Waller: Trajectories
Brendan Walls: Outposts
Christian Wallumrød: Pianokammer
Christian Wallumrød: The Zoo Is Far
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: Fabula Suite Lugano
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: Kurzsam and Fulger
Jennifer Walshe: Nature Data
Ashley Walters: Sweet Anxiety
Daniel Wang: Berlin Sunrise
Wang Inc.: Meditations for a Better World Volume 2
Max de Wardener: Where I Am Today
Warez: Sound
Warmdesk: Capricorn Rising
Warmdesk: Guero Variations / Pistachio / Safety First...
Warmth: Leave Your Brain in the Hot Sun
Johanna Warren: Gemini I
Nick Warren: Balance 018
Pete Warren: Ambient Electronica 94-06
Warszawa: Kinetica EP
Kamasi Washington: The Epic
Goro Watari: Hinode Tracks
Water Borders: Harbored Mantras
John Watermann: Calcutta Gas Chamber
Waterprotection: Green Oasis
Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson: Cross-Pollination
Marshall Watson: Another Back Porch Lonely Day EP
Marshall Watson: Do Want What You
Marshall Watson: Math and Other Word Problems
Marshall Watson: Most Willing to Suffer EP
Marshall Watson: The Time Was Later Than He Expected
Marshall Watson: Unlighted Paths
Marshall Watson: Vibration Attention
William Cody Watson: Bill Murray
Ben Watt: Guinea Pig
Ben Watt: Guinea Pig Remixes
Waves On Canvas: Into the Northsea
Kate Wax: The Dark Heat Collection I and II
Waxfactor: Sci-Fu
Waxwing: A Bowl of Sixty Taxidermists
Weather Report: Forecast: Tomorrow
Andrew Weathers: Littlefield
Andrew Weathers: Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles
Andrew Weathers: One Day We'll Find The Valley
Andrew Weathers Ensemble: Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall
Andrew Weathers Ensemble: Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything
Andrew Weathers Ensemble: What Happens When We Stop
Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman: Louella
Chris Weeks: A Deconstructed Sun
Chris Weeks: Gwynt, Glaw, Myfyrio
Lionel Weets: Stellar Orchestra
Weingarten - Charlton: Where There Is Light
Chris Weisman & Greg Davis: Northern Songs
Weiss: 22.38
Ezra Weiss Sextet: Before You Know It [Live in Portland]
We Mythical Kings: Visitations
Wen: Signals
David Wenngren: Sleepless Nights
David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette: The Meridians of Longitude...
David Wenngren and Jonatan Nästesjö: Below
Timothy Wenzel: What We Hold Dear
Wesen: Zwiebel
Stefan Wesolowski: Liebestod
Norman Westberg: The Chance To
Stian Westerhus: The Matriarch and The Wrong Kind of Flowers
The Westerlies: The Westerlies
The Westerlies: Wish the Children Would Come On Home: The Music of Wayne Horvitz
Western Skies Motel: Prism
Western Skies Motel: Settlers
Whahay: Whahay
Donato Wharton: Body Isolations
Donato Wharton: Trabanten
When The Clouds: The Longed-for Season
Simon Whetham: Un Año Tranquilo
Simon Whetham: Ascension_Suspension
Simon Whetham: Connection
Simon Whetham: From The Mouths Of Clay
Simon Whetham: Landlocked
Simon Whetham: The Phoenix
Simon Whetham: Prayers Unheard
Simon Whetham: Velvet
Whip: Atheist Lovesongs to God
Whisper Room: Birch White
Geoff White: Etsche
Geoff White: Ince
Geoff White: Nevertheless
Jedediah White: Evolution of an Idea
Tom White: False Ponds
Gareth Whitehead: The Brood
White Rainbow: New Clouds
White Rainbow: Prism of Eternal Now
Bill Whitley: I Dream Awake
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Lisbon
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Multiples
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Schöner Flußengel
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Track 4 (2 Way Superimp.)
Stephen Whittington: Music for Airport Furniture
Stephen Whittington: Windmill
Whodat: The Recovery EP
WhoMadeWho: Brighter
WHY?: Elephant Eyelash
WHY?: Rubber Traits
WHY?: Sanddollars
Widesky: Floating in Being
Widesky: Flux Boundaries
Wieman: Cryptonesia
wild Up: Feather & Stone
Wiley: Playtime Is Over
Wes Willenbring: Close, But Not Too Close
Wes Willenbring: Somewhere Someone Else
Wes Willenbring: Weapons Reference Manual
Williamette: Always In Postscript
Willamette: Echo Park
Boo Williams: Home Town Chicago
Dez Williams: Spinechiller EP
Mark Williams: You Can't Hide What You Truly Feel
Christopher Willits: Pollen
Christopher Willits: Surf Boundaries
Willits + Sakamoto: Ocean Fire
Tony Wilson: Horse's Dream
Tony Wilson 6Tet: Pearls Before Swine
The Tony Wilson Sextet: The People Look Like Flowers At Last
Wilson/Lee/Bentley: Escondido Dreams
Wilt: As Giants Watch Over Us
Wilt: Dark Meadows
Windmill: Puddle City Racing Lights
Windmill Waterwheel: Waterwheel Windmill
Windsor for the Derby: You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 8
Windy & Carl: Dedications to Flea
Windy & Carl: The Dream House/Dedications to Flea
Windy & Carl: Songs for the Broken Hearted
Windy & Carl: We Will Always Be
Windy & Carl: You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Volume 7
A Winged Victory For The Sullen: A Winged Victory For The Sullen
Mark Wingfield: Proof of Light
Wingfield Reuter Sirkis: Lighthouse
The Winks/Tights: s/t
Winterlight: Hope Dies Last
Wires Under Tension: Light Science
Wires Under Tension: Replicant
Wishful Singing (& Herman Finkers): In Mysterium
Wisp: Honor Beats
Josef Van Wissem: It Is All That Is Made
Witxes: A Fabric of Beliefs
Daniel Wohl: Corps Exqui
Daniel Wohl: Holographic
Wolf Cub: Love High EP
Julia Wolfe: Anthracite Fields
Julia Wolfe: Dark Full Ride
Julia Wolfe: Steel Hammer
Wolf Eyes: Black Wing Over the Sand
Gernot Wolfgang: Passing Through
Erik Wollo: Echotides
Erik Wollo: Visions: a Collection of Music by Erik Wollo
Scott Wollschleger: Soft Aberration
Amnon Wolman: Sustains
Cye Wood & Lisa Gerrard: The Trail of Genghis Khan
Woolfy vs. Projections: The Return of Love
Wordclock: Self Destruction Themes
Working For A Nuclear Free City: s/t
worriedaboutsatan: Arrivals
worriedaboutsatan: Blank Tape
worriedaboutsatan: Even Temper
Worrytrain: Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom
Scott Worthington: Even the Light Itself Falls
Scott Worthington: Prism
Keith Worthy: The Price of Nonconformance
Woven Entity: Woven Entity
Wreaths: Like Sparks From Throats Falling
Orla Wren: Book of The Folded Forest
Clive Wright: Spoke
Clive Wright: Taqsim to Antlia
Justin Wright: Pattern Seeker
Mark Peter Wright: A Quiet Reverie
Peter Wright: An Angel Fell Where the Kestrels Hover
Peter Wright: Red Lion
Wrnlrd: Oneiromantical War
Robag Wruhme: Olgamikks
Robag Wruhme: Wuzzlebud "KK"