Palma: Go-Go Juice

Scape One presents Tone Cluster: The 2nd Diversion

A nice two-track complement to Palma's Leap, Go-Go Juice is another stomping single of gleaming progressive electro-house from Canadian and Norwegian duo ChrisJar and DJ Roar. Driven by pinging disco pulses and dubby production treatments, the chugging title track works up a royal seven-minute stomp while the slightly more ambient-flavoured “Spreng” struts breezily until syncopated percussion escalates the attack. Though not groundbreaking, the material's both undeniably chilled and thoroughly propulsive.

Having produced music since the ‘80s (he acquired a TR-808 in 1986 and adopted the Scape One alias in 1987), UK Electro producer Kurt Baggaley is hardly a novice when it comes to crafting futuristic electronic techno-funk of the kind heard on The 2nd Diversion. The percussion-heavy “Moody Diversion” opens the set with a pounding minimal groove that breezily shimmies and shakes before ceding the stage to the jittery throbber “Kaleidoscape.” The slightly more epic B side features the wide-screen electro of “The Soul Selects” and the dramatically chilled “The Penultimate Truth” whose simple melodies and staccato electro-funk beats invoke the spirit of Kraftwerk. Making it all seem so easy, Baggaley serves up the white vinyl disc's high-quality material with little fuss.

January 2006