Bruno Sacco / Fabrizio Lapiana: Lucent.01

Pressed on luscious transparent vinyl, the first twelve-inch installment in a projected Lucent series features individual tracks by Gravite and Attic music owners Bruno Sacco and Fabrizio Lapiana. Depending on the source consulted, the word itself is defined as brilliant, clear, shining, or luminous, which gives some hint of the kind of white heat the material on the release gives off.

The longer of the two cuts, Sacco's “Erase” radiates for ten dizzying minutes, with cycling keyboard riffs, locomotive hi-hats, and booming kick drums building into a massive storm-cloud scarred by blistering winds and metallic smears. Halfway through, a simple hi-hat pattern kicks the material into gear, as if intent on wrestling with the cyclonic elements for domination. Seemingly victorious, the techno pulse barrels forward, now augmented by the heft of a mighty lower end and defiant of the assault relentlessly directed its way from without.

After the smoke clears, Lapiana's seven-minute “Dissociation” wells up from the depths with its own high-intensity techno throb, one that's perhaps even more resolute in its single-minded determination than Sacco's. Furiously scratching at a hard-to-reach itch and punctuated by a death-tolling bell strike, the tune soars at light-speed, its forward thrust bolstered by popping snares and double-time hi-hats. Like some vicious beast unleashed from hell, “Dissociation” seems determined to reach the earth's surface, no matter what obstacles crowd its path.

March 2015