Greg Sawyer: Home

When he's not running his own Tenth Circle label, DJing, or tending to his day job at Defected, London, UK producer Greg Sawyer makes deep, melodic house music, three fine samplings of which appeared on his earlier Falk release Whenever I Try To Leave and three more of which grace its tasty follow-up.

Without wishing to take anything away from the other tracks, the jewel in this particular crown is the title cut, “Home” being one of those strokes of genius a creator longs to be struck by on a regular basis. It begins innocuously enough with a standard-fare groove that softly percolates, but once a sublime cut-up vocal treatment is threaded into the arrangement the slow-builder turns into an irresistibly sexy anthem. Its seven minutes of dancefloor splendour are hard to beat, but “Caedmon,” with its tough, throbbing pulse and creepy, late-night atmospherics, and “Misunderstood,” powered by its own sweeping swing and sprinkled with soulful vocal accents and funky percussion effects, take their best shot at matching it. But as certifiably solid as they are, it's “Home” that's ultimately the EP's pièce de résistance.

January 2016