Sepalot: Throwing Stones (feat. Miss Platnum)
Eskapaden Musik

“Throw A Stone” is actually the fourth single to be taken from Seek, the splendid Sepalot full-length Munich-based producer Sebastian Weiss issued last fall. On this EP release, we get the original, naturally, plus an instrumental version and three dramatically contrasting remixes by Schlachthofbronx, Suff Daddy, and Flo Førg. Without losing the essence of the original, the three overhauls reveal how flexible a song can be when such different creative sensibilities get their hands on it.

Sepalot's original is a marvel, packed as it is with earworms both vocal and instrumental. There's the sultry vocal to start, with Miss Platinum's lead nicely sweetened by harmonies, and as arresting is the bleepy, bass-thumping pulse Weiss fashions as support. Listening to the track, one's focus wavers rapidly between its alluring vocal lines—“And you look at things different, from the loophole in your fence” and “Way too much time is lost on the way” two of the catchiest—and the heady click-track buzzing alongside it (the vocals-free version, of course, allows Weiss's tripped-out sound design to be all the better appreciated).

The tune gets a deep-diving dub makeover in the Schlachthofbronx treatment, its rhythms transformed into a loping thump spiked by echo-heavy snare strikes and synth flares. With electric piano and a crisp trip-hoppy groove added, Suff Daddy amps up the sultriness quotient, while Flo Førg situates his swinging makeover at the center of the dance club by working a funky house pulse in amongst the now stripped-down vocal. It's hard to imagine the floor not filling up the moment Førg's silky bump enters the picture.

February 2018