Triple R: Selection 4

How can any set that begins with a John Tejada remix of Oliver Hacke's fabulous Subject Carrier material not be great? In many ways, Selection 4, the latest Trapez mix assembled by Triple R (aka Riley Reinhold), seems a near-perfect example of the genre: the pumping pulse never wanes, transitions are elegantly subtle, and the individual pieces never lose their original identity despite the seamless flow Reinhold produces between them. Cerebral and sensual, the fluid set is an unfussy model of precision engineering, with each techno slice given room to breathe before stepping aside. Other highlights: Dominik Eulberg's acidy burner “Gasthof “Zum Satten Bass”,” the jacking skip of Jeff Samuel's “Forinsee,” and the hypnotic bump of Remute & Reinhold's concluding “Jah Wobble.” The Trapez head keeps the mix generally clean though some glitchy moments arise during Franklin De Costa's “Like You” and Audio Werner's “Just Wanna Get Down.”

June 2006