VA: Holocene Music Remix Compilation Vol. 1: It's Importland To Me To Be One Step Further Than One Step Beyond

Holocene's universe is one where punk, IDM, electro, and folk merrily mingle, resulting in a free-form hybrid of colliding genres that may challenge simple description but guarantees considerable listening pleasure—clearly, not only is it 'importland' to be one step further but fearlessly eclectic too. Kittenz' remix of Blitzen Trapper's “Whiskey Kisser” epitomizes the aesthetic, with the tune flitting between moments of country swing, sputtering electropop, soul, raw punk-funk, and stuttering glitch in a mere three minutes. Likewise, E*Rock's rollicking version of 01 (Pop Music)'s “Don't Tell Me” whips punk and electro-pop into a frenzied fireball while Alan Singley's avant-folk-hip-hop-glitch mutation “On Leaving” turns slippery indeed in DJ Tant's hands.

Elsewhere, Toothfairy's overhaul of Bobby Birdman's “Holiday the Ghost” oozes sticky lounge fever and Spleenless's restrained handling of Talkdemonic's “Junesong” provides welcome instrumental respite from the zaniness of The Thermals' “No Culture Icons” (mixed by Ovian) and PGE's blazing electro-synth treatment of Snuggle Ups' “Ferris Wheel.” Aside from a few questionable moves (the vocalizing in the otherwise solid Solenoid remix of Point Line's “Plane Descender” goes down about as well as Strychnine), the comp is well worth the price of admission. Strategy (Paul Dickow) closes the collection with the striking raga-fied drone of The Plants' “Acorn Child,” but it's his fabulous ‘Strata Club' mix of The Blow's “The Love That I Crave” (issued also on 12-inch with two Caro versions) that shines the brightest in this particular crown. By adding layers of bleepy bass synths, disco beats, and syncopated piano accents, Dickow transforms the song into a marvelous house anthem that's pure genius.

May 2006