Gez Varley: G-11

A veteran of Force Inc., !K7, Tommy Boy, Swim, and Warp, one-time LFO member and current G-Man Gez Varley brings his protean techno mastery to Persistencebit with two originals and two “G-11” mixes by Carsten Fietz and Nadja Lind. Varley anchors his pulverizing G-Man mix of “Slaunch” with a colossal kick drum and drenches its galloping pulse with cobra-like streams. The blinding sheen of “Higher,” on the other hand, draws forth the material's hypnotic Detroit-meets-Berlin vibe more than any of the other tracks. Propelled by a grooving bass rumble and burbling chord accents, Carsten Fietz's relentlessly swinging “G-11” mix oozes equal parts techno and house flavour, while Berlin DJ Nadja Lind tightens the track's techno-funk with handclaps and machine noises. Here and elsewhere, Varley's mastodon techno rolls out with the resolute, relentless force of an indomitable army.

January 2008