Vektormusik: Interfoliere EP

Vektormusik hasn't randomly selected the EP title Interfoliere as the Latin term refers to ‘interleave,' the practice of inserting blank leaves for notes or written comments between the regular printed leaves in a book. The Danish duo constituting Vektormusik, acoustic engineer Kristoffer Jørgensen (The Astro Black Freedom Orchestra member) and drummer Thomas Ahlmark (Lé Plan), likewise invites the listener to imprint his/her own mental stamp upon the EP's six diverse settings. In a style that renders them kin to Flanger and Dictaphone, Jørgensen and Ahlmark create tracks that organically merge elements of jazz, folk, and electronic styles. Electronic noises and loops add atmosphere to otherwise relaxed jazz-oriented settings where ride cymbals and acoustic bass lines anchor the freer front-line interplay of piano, clarinet, and trumpet; in some cases, the acoustic side dominates; in others, the electronic. Interfoliere opens with a nice ballad overture with an acoustic emphasis (“Intro”) and later enters Dictaphone territory with the dirge “ABC” where a somber clarinet moans against a glitch-heavy backdrop. “Carux” also features a mournful clarinet theme, makes room for some rambunctious drum heat. Sora concludes the EP with a glitch-drenched remix of “Leap2” that transforms it into a dense, loping dreamscape where drum brush patterns flutter and electronic glissandi swim.

July 2007