Vestigial: Aeon
New Sun Recordings

“Darkened and mysterious ascending fluxus throughout distant anthropic uncreation, like a slow descent through an unholy forsaking colony where the sun never sets.” So goes the release's accompanying text and, though I'm normally averse to quoting such material verbatim, in this case it's hard to resist when it captures so neatly the mood of devastation and disorientation wrought by the 3-inch disc's sinister settings. Aeon, the debut Vestigial release by one |:Y:| of Italy, smothers its gloomy quartet of pieces in cavernous echo, muffled blasts, and an omnipresent industrial howl, and dresses them up in cheery titles like “Last Extinction Prayer” and “The Grey Constellation.” For those with a serious jones for ‘dark ambient' material, this is solid stuff indeed, and the slick packaging and cover artwork impress too. Definitely music to slit your wrists by.

May 2007